Once Upon A Time (Hayo Haya)

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Once Upon A Time (Hayo Haya)
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This secondhand gem has survived and thrived for nearly 20 years.

In a complicated economic reality, in which small businesses close their doors every other day (especially in Tel Aviv with its crazy real estate market), Once Upon A Time has managed to survive over 18 years. What’s the secret? Everything. The owner collects items from private customers, travels all over the world and shops online. At the store, you can find a treasure trove of items in the price range of NIS 10-30. You will also find rare items from Maskit, embroidered shirts from the 40s, secondhand items from Versace and Armani, and even a Victorian wedding dress made out of lace for NIS 1800 - the most expensive item in the store.


Venue name: Once Upon A Time (Hayo Haya)
Address: 72 Ben Yehuda Street
Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Mon-Wed: 11:30-17:00; Tue-Thu: 11:30-14;00-17:00-19:00; Fri: 10:30-14:30; Sat-Closed
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