Purim Costumes Fair of Florentin

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Purim Costumes Fair of Florentin
© Yael Tzur

Get in the spirit for a colorful, eclectic Purim

Can’t wait for Purim but still figuring out your outfit? No worries. This lively fair will prepare you for the holiday ahead in terms of costumes and excitement. The festive courtyard will have one-of-a-kind items – from handmade costumes, to secondhand accessories, to hats, robes, feathers, and much more. They’ve thought of everything, even sewing and repair stands if you need something fixed or hemmed. And, of course, there’ll be food stalls, chai, a bar, and some fun music, deepening the mood with some African and Jamaican vibes and electronica. Everyone is welcome, bring the kids, the boyfriend, the dog, or fly solo and get pumped for Purim.


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