Stop Market - Castra & Yagur Junction

Shopping, Delis Haifa
Stop Market
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The super market for all your foodie needs

Giving the other specialty stores a run for their money, this supermarket is jam-packed with the good stuff. Americans craving sodas from the “old country” will be delighted to find many options (we spotted both Dr. Pepper and Dr. Browns, among other rare drink findings).  More serious food lovers will revel in their wide selection of international cheeses, hard to find bottled sauces, obscure European baking products, and a never-ending list of specialty products. The store’s extensive spirits section also carries a rare touch of local identity, with nearby boutique wine makers stocking their own products on the shelf- including varieties that are produced just for the store. Israeli craft beers from around the country line the shelves, and can be picked up along with the regular items on your grocery list. Home-style Israeli food can be bought to tide you over until you get home, if you can hold out on busting into your sweet grocery haul for that long.


Venue name: Stop Market - Castra & Yagur Junction
Address: 8 Flieman St
Castra Center

Opening hours: Sun-Wed: 09:00-22:00; Thurs: 09:00-23:00; Friday: 07:30-22:00; Saturdays: 09:00-22:00
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