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Tasting Room
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Time Out says

Easy to drink, easier to carry, take your vino on-the-go with Tasting Room’s bendable glassware.

Step into Tasting Room to get a taste, a glass, or a bottle of a wide selection of different wines from the innovative pouring system lining the walls. They have their own state of the art carrier-type handles for the bottle that simplify wine transport. They also have flexible and unbreakable faux glassware so that you can easily take your vino on-the-go. The staff is very welcoming and ready to offer you your own little wine tour.



Sarona Market, 3 Kalman Magen St
Tel Aviv
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu 09:00-23:00, Fri 08:00-18:00. Sat 09:00-23:00
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