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The top five beaches in Israel for surfing

Surf’s up! Hit up these Israeli beaches for radical waves and the best surfing conditions this side of the Middle East

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Surfing is more than just a pastime, it is a lifestyle, and we understand just how important location is when trying to catch those waves. That’s why we’ve combed the beaches in Tel Aviv, Herzliya and farther, in search of the absolute top five surfer’s oases. And guess what? We found them. So grab those surf boards, slip on those wetsuits and get ready for an amazingly active day at these beaches in Israel.

A surfer's guide to beaches in Israel


Kontiki Beach

Kontiki and Sironit beaches, which are connected to the piers, offer seriously decent waves. Protected by a breakwater, Kontiki works well in the southeast winds and at almost any altitude. The breaks are both right and left and when the waves are really high, they break in a perfect tubular shape. However, since the “'sand moves all the time” on this open beach, it’s considered a fickle surf spot for many. At the same time, Netanya Beach is a major site for sailing, diving, and snorkeling, so there is always something to do.

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Sokolov Beach

On the northern tip of Israel is Sokolov beach, suitable for professional surfers only. The waves here are high and when the wind comes in the right direction, the tubes can be monstrous. Sokolov is an open strip with no breakwaters and due to its world class waves, it has become the chosen locale for the annual surfing competition sponsored by Billabong. Inside information reveals that the competition of 2015 boasted the best waves ever seen in Israel. Again, for highly trained surfers only! 

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Ha’Maravi Beach (The Maravi)

Located on the southern strip of Tel Aviv’s coastline, The Maravi beach ('The Western beach' in Hebrew) aka Manta Ray beach, is the last sandy beach before hitting Jaffa. The Maravi is actually an open coastal strip that usually enjoys high waves when the rest of the surfing beaches are relatively low. It is a fun beach liked by surfers mainly during the summer, with relatively clean water, sandy ground, and waves that break both left and right.

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Tel Aviv Beach 

Ha’Dromi Beach (The Dromi Beach)

Herzliya's Dromi Beach ('The Southern beach' in Hebrew) is the latest hot spot when it comes to surfing. The beach, which use to host motor sports, was recently announced as a beach dedicated only to surfing. The best time to surf there is during the winter, spring, and fall, and with night lighting installed on the beach, even  those who work during the day can still enjoy a good surfing session.

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Hilton Beach

Known by local surfers as the 'mini-California, surfer’s paradise,' Hilton is one of the few beaches in the Tel Aviv area characterized by rocky grounds, which gives the waves a tubular shape. Another advantage to this beach is that the waves often break in both directions (right and left) because of two jetties protecting them, allowing for some of the best reef breaks in Israel. The reef can hold beautiful swells that start off weak, but do not fret - they strengthen closer to shore.

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Tel Aviv Beach 
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