"All that works"

Theater, Experimental
"All that works"
Courtesy of PR

Intriguing and inspiring interdisciplinary performance presented by the Clipa Theater

Presented in Clipa Theater’s temporary new home in a former synagogue in Kerem Hatemanin, 27 performers between the ages of seven and 77 are creating a “far-reaching artistic-social experiment that distills all those things that excite us, give us confidence, inspire us, and give us good feelings.” While exploring values such as human equality, Zionism, fulfillment, social justice, and coexistence, the performance combines elements of acting, dance, children, the elderly, kitsch, religion, nationalism, and live music mixing orchestra, choir, electronic, Yemenite poetry, pop, and more. As a theater group priding itself on its subversive nature, the performance investigates the “being of a democratic, moral and right Israeli society, and of course keeping the value of life and everything that works.” Prepare to rethink your perceptions and have your imagination provoked at Clipa Theater’s performance.