Alone in Berlin

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Shahar Pinkas' adaptation of 'Alone in Berlin' graces the Jerusalem stage

Delirium, brawls, theft, blackmail and a world of exploitation line the pages of Hans Fallada's famed novel, inspired by a true story. 'Alone in Berlin' shines new light on the working class of Nazi Germany, leaving the reader in as much of a state of chaos and unrest as the two main characters themselves.

Habima Theatre's own Shahar Pinkas has taken this emotionally captivating story and adapted it to stage, creating an unsettling and thought-provoking performance that will leave audiences wanting more. The story centres around the lives of a working class couple, living in Berlin during the darker days of Nazi Germany. After losing their son, they decide to take a stance through a brave act of underground defiance. But, once the Gestapo finds out, their fate takes a wild turn for the worst. Witness this two hour theatre treat that combines an incredible cast of low-life characters, thieves, whores and Nazis with the everyday citizens of Berlin just trying to make a living.

By: Jennifer Greenberg


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