Ashdod Performing Arts Center

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Ashdod Performing Arts Center
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Haim Dotan – Ashdod Performing Arts Center

When it comes to modern architecture, there’s nothing quite like the Ashdod Performing Arts Center. Some say it takes on the shape of a stylized soaring whale, while others interpret the center as soaring waves. Here in lies the genius of architectural pioneer Haim Dotan, who bleeds his soul into his cutting-edge urban designs. Dotan is constantly creating a new language in the global architectural landscape that designers worldwide spend years trying to understand. Each of Dotan’s fluid masterpieces crafts its own narrative, one that depends on the perspective of the bystander. The $100 million concert hall captures the light and sea breezes of its surroundings and is even more exquisite at night.



Venue name: Ashdod Performing Arts Center
Address: Moshe Dayan Blvd

Opening hours: check website for performances
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