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We’ve laid out all the locals’ favorite picnic spots with a little help from the city’s #1 supermarket, Tiv Ta’am. Stocked with fresh Israeli produce, fine cheeses, delicious deli offerings, wine, alcohol, and more

Picnic your way through Tel Aviv

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  • Parks and gardens
  • Tel Aviv - Jaffa

A favorite among locals, this scenic park and garden is tucked away next to the Cameri Performing Arts Center and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Flocks of kids, dogs, and fitness freaks make for some of the city’s best people watching.

VIBE: Loudin a good way
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Ibn Gvirol 64

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  • Kikar Hamedina

Medina Square, an enormous roundabout in northern Tel Aviv, is the site of the city’s poshest storefronts like Gucci and Chopard. The square’s grassy center is the perfect place for a picnic and pause after your shopping spree.

VIBE: Fancy
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Arlozorov 149

Bialik Square
Bialik Square © Shutterstock

3. Bialik Square

The fountain at Bialik Square, surrounded by eclectic and Bauhaus-style buildings, is the ideal pitstop for architecture lovers. Steps from the the Rubin Museum and the Bauhaus Museum, this picnic includes a feast for the eyes on one of Tel Aviv’s most elegant and historic streets.

VIBE: Perfect
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Ben Yehuda 1

Tel Aviv Marina off of Ben Gurion Boulevard
Tel Aviv Marina © Shutterstock

4. Tel Aviv Marina off of Ben Gurion Boulevard

For a dreamy waterfront perch, grab a bench at the Tel Aviv Marina and stare out at the sea and sailboats. Better yet, venture out on the peninsula towards the lighthouse to picnic right on the rocks. 

VIBE: Urban and Romantic
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Ben Yehuda 130

Hilton Hill
Hilton Hill © Shutterstock

5. Hilton Hill

The steep patch of grass next to the Hilton Hotel provides panoramic views of the sea and the city’s world famous sunsets. Join the locals in laying out a blanket and popping open a bottle of wine to wind down your day.

VIBE: Seaside
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Ben Yehuda 181

  • Attractions
  • Parks and gardens
  • Tel Aviv Beach 

Lush lawns and sea views make Independence Park hard to beat. High on the cliffs of north Tel Aviv, the breezy park is full of outdoor sculpture for your viewing pleasure.

VIBE: Fancy Outdoor
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Dizengoff 199

  • Theater
  • Performing arts space
  • Tel Aviv City Center

This stunning public space between the Habima Theater and Helena Rubinstein Pavilion has a beautiful sunken garden full of fragrant flowers where classical music streams through hidden speakers creating a true oasis for the senses. 

VIBE: Cultural and colorful
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Dizengoff 16

  • Attractions
  • Parks and gardens
  • White City

Kiryat Sefer Park is one of Tel Aviv’s most charming green spaces. Our favorite spot is next to the park’s lily pond, but there is plenty of lawn to choose from in this quiet park on the city’s eastern edge. 

VIBE: Green lung in the city
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Ha’Hashmonaim 91

American Colony
American Colony © Shutterstock

9. American Colony

The historic American-German Colony neighborhood is one of Tel Aviv’s best kept secrets, tucked away behind the chaos of Eilat Street. The quaint hideaway is full of old wooden houses and features one of the city’s few churches.

VIBE: Great for Instagram pictures
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Jerusalem Blvd 4, Jaffa

Rothschild Boulevard
Rothschild Boulevard © Shutterstock

10. Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard is one of the city’s most bustling streets, stretching from Habima to Herzl. Grassy patches line the Boulevard where you can sit down in a chaise lounge or a bean bag chair to take in all the action. 

VIBE: Classic 
Nearest Tiv Ta’am: Mazeh 40

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