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Stormy Weathers: things to do in Israel during rain, wind or snow

Sing in the rain, throw caution to the wind, let it snow with this list of fun activities

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Let’s just say that Israelis have a slightly skewed perception of what winter actually means, so we’re helping everyone see through the imaginary fog and discover the reality: that it isn’t that bad. Don’t flip out when stormy weathers blow through. Embrace winter with our list of seasonal activities made for rain, wind, and even the occasional dusting of snow. 

Singing in the rain

  • Travel
  • Transport & Travel

Thrill-seeking Israelis hike in the areas surrounding desert streams during periods of heavy rainfall when biblical-worthy flash floods are aplenty. These include the Daradge Gorge, the Tamarim River, Nahal Dragot, and bunch of areas near the Dead Sea, Ein Bokek, and Ein Gedi. FYI - flash flood hiking is only recommended for experienced hikers who are properly equipped and have access to a 4x4 vehicle. 

  • Restaurants
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  • White City

Lightning and power outages just may put you out of watching new episodes of Big Little Lies for the night. Plan ahead. Have some moody candles and old school games at the ready. There's no better time to brush up on your Monopoly, Scrabble, and Uno skills than when it's blustery AF out there. Hell, even Jenga will take your mind off of not having access to Insta for the next who knows how long.

Throw caution to the wind

  • Attractions
  • Public spaces
  • Jaffa Port

Getting the hell out of dodge might be the best solution to dealing with the changing weather. Sail the high seas straight out of Jaffa Port. Throw all caution to the wind in a luxury yacht with the Sailor Yacht Club (077-2120366,, a team of local mariners offering a range of options - from literally learning the ropes via a full-fledged skipper course (available in both English and Hebrew), to chartered day trips or starlight sailing out on the Med for up to 12 people, fishing trips, and even SeaBnB rentals. 

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  • Beaches

Drive the wind through your sail and get to kite surfing, wind surfing, or any kind of surfing for that matter. With the weather on-point, ideal locales like Michmoret Beach are the place to be. If you’re just looking for some quiet and serene views, take to Michmoret’s famous cliffs and watch the colorful sails practically take flight.

  • Attractions
  • Sightseeing
  • Tel Aviv Beach 

A friendly, yet bygone pastime, flying kites is totally underrated. Head to Tel Aviv’s Charles Clore Park – that vast swatch of green goodness overlooking the Mediterraen Sea with Jaffa’s skyline to the left– and unleash your virtuous kite-flying prowess. People may stare, but it is only in awe. 

Let it snow

  • Hotels
  • Golan Hights

Life is short. So is the Israeli ski season. Embrace the once-in-a-blue-moon experience and stay at the Rimonim Hermon Holiday Village (Moshav Neve Ativ, 04-6985888), a quaint holiday resort reminiscent of a Swiss alpine village. Though the views at the Holiday Village might not be as white as the Alps', the breathtaking scenery of the Golan Heights is pretty darn close.

  • Attractions

Who didn't grow up on Cool Runnings and a childhood dream to race with the Jamaican bobsled team? Ok, probably the majority of Israelis. Nonetheless, the alpine slides at the Manara Cliff in Kiryat Shmona (052-9706220) offer an extreme winter adrenaline rush lasting seven full minutes at incredibly fast speeds. Let the crisp winds slap you in the frostbitten face and bring tears of joy to your dry, dry eyes. 

  • Shopping
  • Arcades
  • Eilat

While the idea of gliding across half-frozen water with sharpened knives strapped to both feet might sound a tad extreme to a snow-deprived nation struggling to understand the term "Below Zero," the skating rink inside the Eilat Ice Mall (8 Kampen St, Eilat, 03-6081140)  reverses such stereotypes. Lace up those skates and hit the ice for 1, 800 square meters of fast-paced fun.

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