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The Best DIY Workshops in Israel

From karting and wood-working to improv and boozing while you paint, here are a slew of DIY workshops that literally offer something for everyone


Work, Work, Work, Work

  • Sports and fitness
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Florentine

Release your inner child and join in the fun at AcroYoga which combines three ancient traditions: yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage to create an enjoyable and meaningful yoga practice that has become a recent fad among Yogis everywhere at any level and any age. AcroYoga is unique in that it combines many different elements in their yoga practice including partner acrobatics and therapeutic flying as well as more traditional yoga elements such as asana. Through this practice, AcroYoga hopes to help individuals cultivate mutual trust and connection while welcoming them into a state of union with themselves, others and the divine. 

Try AcroYoga classes at Studio Naim


Channel your inner artist and take a class with Mia Schon, one of Israel’s best mosaic artists. Mia has a passion for creating murals and often uses local tiles and recycled materials in both her commissioned pieces and public street art. Twice a month, she teaches mosaic workshops to students of all ages out of her Tel Aviv art studio. Take advantage of this great idea for a unique date, celebration or family outing and sign up for a workshop on her website. 

Mosaic with Mia, 058-7724373, mosaicwithmia.commia@miaschon.com


Adventure Israel

Take a trip with Adventure Israel and discover the part of the country that will turn your stomach upside-down and give you the rush of a lifetime. From rock climbing to camping to rapelling to backpacking, Adventure Israel’s customized adventure tours are a great way to see a new side of the country in an exciting and new way. Adventure Israel offers all kinds of experiences from extreme sports to team building activities all aimed at fostering a love for adventure, teamwork and stepping outside of your comfort zone. 

Adventure Israel, 20 Neve Michael, 058-5364938. adventure-israel.com

  • Art
  • Tel Aviv City Center

Express your inner Picasso at the Tel Aviv Art Studio on Thursday nights during their Paint Night, an evening painting class where you can create a masterpiece, socialize with fellow artists and drink wine all at the same time! Don’t worry about bringing your own painting supplies or canvases because everything is included, including the wine. All you’ll need is a positive attitude, a creative mind and maybe a beret or horizontal striped shirt for fun.  

Tel Aviv Art Studio, 31 Gordon Street Tel Aviv, Every Thursday Night from 7:00-9:00 PM, 052-7863483, telavivartstudio.com


Improv workshop

Dubbed the “Yoga for your social skills,” Mind Flow is an applied improvisation workshop aimed at helping businesses, some of which include Google, Waze and Wix, improve their team-building skills as well as skills used in effective communication, decision-making and overall creativity. Mind Flow’s founder, Adaya, is a trained Clinical Psychologist and uses her expertise in neuroscience and psychology to tailor each workshop to help every client with their specific needs. 

Mind Flow Tel Aviv, 052-2432002, mindflow.co.il 


Looking to pick up a new hobby? Consider taking a beginners, advanced or private carpentry course with Shay Goral, a carpenter of 15 years. Shay teaches at his studio in Tel Aviv called Fantasies in Wood, which was once run by his father and has been open for 28 years. In 4 3-hour sessions, students will learn about types of wood, the basics of woodworking tools, the economics behind woodworking and techniques for carpenters. Have the choice of making a table with stools or a toolbox and dresser, which of course, they get to take home. Courses are open to all levels and ages, and course graduates are invited to use the workshop on their own to continue building upon their carpentry skills.

Fantasies in Wood, wood-fantasy.co.il16 Ben Avigdor St, Tel Aviv, 058-6389996


Creative Meditation Workshops

Feeling a little extra stressed or just looking for a fun way to relax? In these specialized and guided meditation sessions, Armonie Bens, who created the Yoga Chakra Coloring Book, uses art therapy to enhance mindfulness and the flow of energy. She will help you connect to your inner chakra and reach a deep state of mediation by intertwining coloring and breathing exercises. Participants receive their very own yoga coloring book at the end of the session so that you can continue to take it one step further from your very own home.  

facebook.com/traitsdesign, 054-3092550. traits.design@gmail.com


Spend a day at Karting Place and partake in a variety of motor activities that simulate real driving. With carts for children and adults, this is a fun activity for all ages. Karting Place has the largest and longest race track in Israel, with the state-of-the-art technology that tracks in real time.

Check out Karting Place in either Rishon LeZion or Rehovot, karting.place@gmail.com, 1700555066


Chocolate making

Take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a workshop with one of Israel’s top chocolatiers, Oded Maksimov. Working with the Mokaya chocolate is sure to please all of your senses. The name Mokaya stems from an ancient Indian tribe, who discovered the power of cocoa beans in cuisine and for the soul. In this 2-3 hour workshop at Mokaya Chocolate Factory, participants will create pralines and chocolate works-of-art, in addition to a wine tasting and of course, chocolate tasting. Participants will recieve approximately 200 shekels worth of chocolate by the end of the workshop.

Mokaya, mokaya.co.il050-7703528,  oded@mokaya.co.il, 


Tualma, meaning “Your Soul” in Spanish is an all natural pharmacotherapy and home massage studio, founded in 2008 by a practicing masseuse and nature lover, Jenny. She believes in the importance of knowing what the products we use are and where they come from. One of the most unique services that Tualma offers is a natural pharmacy workshop where participants are able to hand-make their own cosmetics using only natural ingredients that can be found in any kitchen. Jenny hopes that by the end of the workshop, participants will feel a newfound appreciation and love for nature and themselves as well as a newfound responsibility to advocate for naturalness, ecology and simplicity. 

Tualma, Gozhikov St,  Tel Aviv , 054-5932418 tualma.co.il

Food Tours & Cooking Workshops

The Cooking Studio

Israel is known for some of the most amazing produce in the world and therefore, some of the most amazing restaurants and chefs. Take a cooking class at The Cooking Studio in Tel Aviv to learn from experts about how to cook your favorite meals using the amazing Israeli ingredients that grow all over the country. These classes aim to educate individuals about the importance of agriculture and healthy living while also giving them the skills they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle through cooking at home. 

The Cooking Studio, bishulon.co.il, 19 Ben Avigdor St, Tel Aviv, 03-3038111

Halbrecht Farms

Halbrecht Farms, established in 2013 by Tammy Halbrecht and her father at their family farm in Moshav Bitan Aharon, is a food garden, farm-to-table restaurant and cooking class meant to teach both adults and children the importance of agriculture and foster a love for food and the land it is grown on. The Halbrecht family hopes to teach their customers about the joy that one can get from eating the food that they themselves have worked hard to grow while also building a sustainable, ecological farm with a wide variety of produce that can be ordered as a shipment or bought directly at the farm by locals in the community. 

Halbrecht Farms, foodgarden.co.ilMoshav Bitan Aharon, 09-7731489


Ilana Hart

Ilana Hart, a professional culinary nutrition coach, believes that the path to a healthy lifestyle and overall higher energy levels is through cooking simple, healthy, nourishing and family friendly meals. Learn how to do so at one of her cooking classes and leave feeling refreshed, knowledgeable and even more passionate about food. You can also find her recipes and cooking tips on her website. 

Ilana Hart, 052-5703183, ilanahart.com

Sol Food

Chef Moran Broza, a self proclaimed “Food Passionista” and founder of Sol Food & Philosophy, wants you to experience the Tel Aviv food scene the right way. Broza has combined her love for food, people and positive living to create an unforgettable food tour experience meant to educate and inspire people about Israeli cuisine and hopefully leave customers with what Broza likes to call “food for positive thought.” Book a food tour on her website and ask her all your food-related questions on her facebook blog. 

Sol Food, Solfoodtlv.com, 03-5167080

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