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Both the northernmost and the largest of the Florida Keys, Key Largo is the most accessible when it comes to driving down from mainland Miami. Where Key West takes four hours, you can reach Key Largo—with all of its subtropical island kitsch—in under two, making it an ideal day trip if you can’t commit to an overnight stay. Surrounded by the Florida Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, it offers an abundance of nature excursions to experience. And you’re never far from a chilled out tiki bar serving rum punch and blackened fish while a live band serenades you into the otherworldly sunset. Ready to book your tropical getaway? Read on for the best things to do in Key Largo. This list is curated, as always, but isn’t ranked—we just couldn't choose favorites. Done something on this list and loved it? Share it with the hashtag #TimeOutDoList and tag @TimeOutEverywhere. Find out more about how Time Out selects the very best things to do all over the world.