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Best lunch box ideas for kids this school year

These unique lunch box ideas for kids are fun, quick and tasty—gone are the days of boring sandwiches and juice cartons

Allie Early
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Allie Early
Danielle Valente

As much as it pains little ones to admit, summer won't last forever. But thanks to these unique lunch box ideas for kids, your crew will be anxious for September to roll around. Between new classes, friends and tasty treats, the school year will be better than ever. 

Not only are these meals unique and eye-catching, but they're fairly easy to prepare. While everyone else in class is munching on the boring 'ol usuals, these lunch box ideas for kids will catapult your brood to ultimate NYC foodie status. 

See you in the cafeteria! 

Now that school is in session, kids will be busy with programs like art classes and cooking classes, so scope out the best family dinner ideas to make your week a bit easier. 

lunch box ideas for kids

Cut-out sandwiches

Sanwiches get the all-star treatment thanks to mom's cookie cutters. These go-to baking utensils will add a little pizazz to the typical bread-cold cut combo. Once kiddos select their favorite items, opt for a fun shape for the sammie itself, or simply cut out a slice of the bread into a heart, star or other design. For those looking to give this a try, opt for a recipe from The Lean Green Bean or Spaceship and Laser Beams

Hard-boiled eggs and pancakes

No matter the time of day, pancakes are always a savory option. Blogger Kristine Rosenblatt definitely recommends early-morning foods smack dab in the afternoon. "Kids will love this lunch that features their favorite breakfast foods," she says. "The pancakes and hard boiled eggs can be made ahead to make lunch packing quick and easy. Add in some fresh fruit for a balanced meal." Check out her blog, Kristine's Kitchen, for the recipe and other lunchbox ideas. 


Vegetable omelettes

For kids who are growing tired of ham and cheese or PB&J, try spicing things up with an omeltte. My Fussy Eater features the recipe for a zesty Spanish Omelette chock-full of veggies like corn, peppers, peas and more. Bonus? It can be served hot or cold. Get the recipe here

Themed wraps

Now that fall holidays are underway—obviously the most important one being Halloween—spice up your child's wraps with a spooky theme. Shape veggies and cold cuts to look like a super-scary horror movie character, but get the basics for the best kid-approved wraps from Kids Eats by Shanai. Find them here


Strawberry Sushi

This adorable PB & Strawberry Sushi by Holley Grainger has three ingredients and can be made in five minutes! Who can beat that when you're trying to get the kids out the door? Find the recipe here

Healthy fruit snacks

Skip the sweets with artificial ingredients. With these healthy fruit snacks by Kelly from A Side of Sweet, you can give tots a treat without worrying about a thing. Find the recipe here


Homemade goldfish crackers

Bring your kid's love of Goldfish to the next level by making your own! Dinners, Dishes and Desserts offers tips and tricks on how to make 'em, plus ideas for how to make snacktime even cooler (supersized goldfish)! Find the recipe here.

Raspberry applesauce

Marla Meridith's unique take on regular old applesauce will get the kids pumped to open their snack at lunchtime. You can even enjoy this treat frozen! Find the recipe here.


Macaroni lunch box muffins

What child doesn't love macaroni—or muffins? Get the best of both worlds with this inventive creation from My Fussy Eater. Find the recipe here

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