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15 of the most memorable kissing scenes in movies

Emotional embraces, slow-mo smooching and lingering lip-locking. Pucker up, it's the most memorable kissing scenes from the movies

This week, Saoirse Ronan is breaking our hearts in the gorgeous love story 'Brooklyn', which features a spine-tingling kiss. Here are 15 more kissing scenes from romantic movies that leave a lasting impression, from adorable pecks to full-blown rallies of tonsil tennis.

Memorable movie kissing scenes


When sparks fly in 'Wall-E'


This special effects smooch in 'Ghost'


An upside-down game of tonsil tennis in 'Spider-Man'


How about these memorable sex scenes?

The 100 best sex scenes of all time

Sex. Watching it can sometimes come close to having it – and once in a while, it’s superior. Putting on our serious hats for a second, sex is also a bedrock of cinema – the undercurrent of all romantic movies. By charting the history of onscreen eroticism, one can trace a culture’s hang-ups, along with the worldwide audience’s evolving appetites. Here are 100 scenes from the movies to get you hot under the collar.

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