Baby Driver

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4 out of 5 stars
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Baby Driver

A music-obsessed young getaway driver falls for a waitress in this frenetic and hugely entertaining action flick from 'Shaun of the Dead' director Edgar Wright

Music sounds better when you’re on the road. In ‘Baby Driver’, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ director Edgar Wright takes the car-chase action film – loaded with tyre squeals – and weds it to a cracking jukebox playlist. The result is the most supercharged piece of motorised choreography since John Landis destroyed a fleet of cop cars in ‘The Blues Brothers’.

Wright’s hero, Baby (‘The Fault in Our Stars’ actor Ansel Elgort), still has a hint of peach fuzz on his cheeks, but he’s a genius with a gearstick. A getaway driver with dreams of going straight, Baby needs music to drown out the tinnitus-induced buzz in his head. Unlike the more violent and existential vehicular visions seen in ‘Drive’ or ‘Bullitt’, ‘Baby Driver’ is sweet fantasy.

That means its two-bit thieves and criminal masterminds (Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey) are enjoyably cartoonish; the same goes for Baby’s waitress crush, Debora (Lily James), the kind of broad-smiling cutie that filmmakers always seem to dream about. Their romance is nourished with doe-eyed looks and Beach Boys-scored dreaminess, but the movie doesn’t know what to do with it, except hatch a plan to ‘head west and never stop’.

The chances are you won’t mind: the action sequences here, imbued with humour and break-on-a-dime timing, are the most beautifully sustained and jaw-dropping of Wright’s career. You’ll be rewinding them in your head for days.

By: Joshua Rothkopf


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Rated: 15
Release date: Wednesday June 28 2017
Duration: 113 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Edgar Wright
Cast: Lily James
Kevin Spacey
Jon Bernthal
Ansel Elgort
Jamie Foxx
Eiza González

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3.9 / 5

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If you want to like this film, it's best not to pay too much attention to the plot...or the dialogue. As a film-length music video, though, it's impressive. 


Baby Driver has got to be one of my favourite films I watched in 2017. It has humour, action and a hero that you really want to root for. The acting was top-notch and the cast was perfectly casted. Ansel Elgort really played the role to perfection, and I cannot imagine anyone else cast for that role. Lily James too was excellent and the two make a great couple! The driving was of course mind-blowing and very gripping. Coming from a guy that does not even appreciate cars, I was hooked by each of the car-chase scenes. I really hope they make a sequel to this as I think it is very possible! 


Not quite as cut 'to the beat' as I thought it would be, nevertheless this movie has some great car chase scenes and a good soundtrack, along with the juxtaposition of some truly menacing scenes of threat to go alongside it. Entertaining with a heart, definitely worth a spin!


I found that this movie was visually stunning and the music is great. However the story line seems a bit convoluted and overly cheesy at times. It is different, hence why I would recommend watching.


The soundtrack and editing in this film makes it. It's a simple story of a boy who gets involved with the wrong side of the law. But the music and editing add another layer of a man living in his world. Highly reccomend.


I LOVED this film! Directed by the director of Hot Fuzz, this film could almost be called a musical. The plot doesn't matter that much. It's all about the music and Ansel's baby-faced character's awesome style. The cast is obviously awesome - Jon Hamm (dayeum the man is sizzling hot), Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and others. Go see it: it will make you feel energised when you leave!


I really enjoyed this movie. The central character was very compelling and the music video slick style just made every element seem that little bit cooler.

It felt a bit like a Tarantino music video movie which is a good thing.

Great acting, great style, great soundtrack


I adored Baby Driver. The choreography - including everything from the actors' movement to the car chases are on beat with the music - is unbelievably slick, and soundtrack is just perfect. The cast all put in solid performances, and Ansel Egort is a very sympathetic lead, with Jon Hamm working well as a villain (though Jamie Foxx overdoes it a bit).

For people who are criticising the believability of the plot, I would suggest that maybe they go away and watch Edgar Wright's other films and figure out what he is about as a Director and a storyteller: Baby Driver is a must-see, as far as I'm concerned.


Finally we can get away from never-ending Fast and Furious as we now have another ‘driving skills’ movie! And it’s brilliant and it doesn’t resemble a motorshow parade with ageing actors. The storytelling is realistic and emotional, the characters are well picked up. The main actor is so cute, charming, beautifully vulnerable, his performance is top-notch. Baby is an accidental criminal, whose mum tragically died in a car accident, which left him with some hearing problems. He is trapped in the wrong hands and tied up to carry on doing criminal driving jobs. The movie is also full of decent music tracks as Baby never leaves home without his iPod. The supporting cast of characters aren’t far behind and also one of the film’s strengths. The movie is funny and adorably original. 


Edgar Wright revels in the possibilities of the heist genre in this exciting music-led blockbuster. Accidentally finding himself at the mercy of a crime lord, the talented Baby must fill the role of getaway driver for a series of heists, gradually working towards one last job that will settle his debt and grant his freedom. 

What on the surface appears to be a pretty standard heist film is, in fact, a remarkable exploration of the relationship between on screen action and its soundtrack. Whilst the latter is typically led by the former, here the music (whether that's rock, soul, pop or classical) takes centre stage, with the visuals seamlessly built around the audio. The results are hilarious, dramatic, poignant and intense. 

Ansel Egort plays the relatively mute protagonist brilliantly, bringing a fluidity of movement that's perfect and vital given the film's approach. Lily James is fine, Jon Hamm is a highlight whilst Kevin Spacey plays yet another respected yet foreboding figure. 

But, as with many of Wright's earlier films, it's the details in 'Baby Driver' that make it an incredibly rich cinematic experience. With quips, references and details concealed throughout, it's the sort of film that lends to multiple viewings. I certainly look forward to seeing it again and to uncovering more of the hidden delights that I missed first time round. 


A strong film, some original ideas and excellent casting. Hamm, is superb as a bad guy although the end of the film was a tad too unrealistic for me (a bit too redolent of a superhero film). The music choices were strong and the idea of timing the movement and the stunts to the tempo of the score, very clever but I think this only truly works when you know that is what they are doing. The opening scene was superbly shot, very original idea.


Really solid heist movie with some great chase scenes and a certain elegance to it that stems from a lot of the scenes having a fluid motion to them (Ansel Elgort's ballet background helping greatly). However, I couldn't help coming away from it comparing to several other things, it's a sort of meeting ground for the creative influences of Drive, La La Land, Tarantino and others. It's no bad thing to compare it to these but I just don't think it reaches quite the same heights they do


I loved this movie.Hands down one of the best movies of the summer and possibly the year.Edgar Wright had this movie 20 years in the making and it was worth the wait.It was beautifully choreographed to an amazing playlist and the casting was just superb.There was nothing I could find to criticize this movie and normally I have at least one urk but in this instance it was just excellent.It was great romance elements, thrilling aspects and the protagonist is a character you cheer for throughout despite making some bad decisions.Definitely worth seeing in the cinema as well for the music and atmosphere. 


This is about a getaway driver named Baby who always listens to music to distract him from his tinnitus.  On paper, it didn't sound that exciting, but knowing that the director did one of my favourite films - Shaun of the Dead, I thought I would give it a go.

It is quite a good story, but the skill is in the choreography in how they sync in the action scenes to the music.  If you like the scene in the pub in Shaun of the Dead when they attacked the Zombies with pool cues to the tune of 'Don't Stop Me Now', then you will like a lot of the action in this film.

The plot is quite simple, of a reluctant baddie.  It was a similar style of film to Going in Style, where you had a bit of empathy with some of the criminals and there was a bit of humour in it.  My husband and I differed in that he thought there should have been more car chases and I thought there should have been less.  It was put together really well and overall it was an enjoyable film. 


A young driver with a talent for spinning tyres and great taste in music might not sound like a winning combination but this film is so much more. Ansel Elgort (Baby) is a very smooth mover. Cleverly, not everything is spelt out at the beginning and there are points during Baby Driver that the audience has a realisation of why things are as they are with Baby.

Big names like Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Lily James make this eminently watchable. I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it.


Great film! Just the right amount of action, mixed with drama and romance. I really enjoyed this, and the soundtrack is fantastic!

Cartoonish, yes, but not enjoyably so.  The repetitive action sequences underline the fact that Baby's tactics for eluding the police just draw more attention.  The acting was all right, but even Kevin Spacey couldn't save the script.

I was wishing for more. I was left thinking of John Boorman's wonderful sortie into American Cinema with the classic, 'Point Blank'. In a way I was hoping Edgar Wright would achieve a similar result. But his limitations were evident & revealing in his unoriginal direction & in the editing of the film. Spacey is poorly cast & handed a terribly sarcastic, somewhat annoying script. Jamie Foxx is menacing enough. The cast are mere cardboard (except Baby). The drive sequences are impressive but one should look to the film Drive or even earlier to the superior 70's works that influenced the geeky Wright into making this film; Gone in 60 Seconds, Vanishing Point, The Driver. I was disappointed. It is also a few scenes too long with far too much data, not enough consideration & therefore is quite tedious. 

An entertaining piece of cinema that takes an American fairy tale / cartoon approach to its narrative and (stock) characters - it's certainly a thrilling ride at times but it's never quite as cool as Tarantino, especially in some of its musical choices, the love interest is fairly banal, and the third act loses its way, with a dénouement that left me disappointed. Still, nice to see a movie with no CGI packing them in - and always nice to hear a bit of T.Rex, even if their lyrics needed to be explained for an American audience...


Terrific "car chase" first scene. Ansel Elgort plays an innocent caught up crime which he seems unable to escape from. Refreshing fun film with great performances from Ansel & Lily James .Edgar Wright has directed with a lot of energy & has has added some heavyweights to the mix, which he must be very pleased with in terms of box office appeal.
Unfortunately I found the real weakness of the film are the heavyweights:Kevin Spacey gives a very flat  uninspired performance.Jamie Foxx is too heavy in his role & I found it very difficult to catch most of his dialogue.

While Jon Hamm is totally over the top & rather ridiculous.