Dirty Grandpa

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Dirty Grandpa

So it's come to this. The title says all you need to know about this faintly embarrassing Robert De Niro comedy

In his seventy-third year, Robert De Niro is clearly relishing the fact that he’s got nothing left to prove. Why else put himself through shameless trash like this? He plays Dick, a just-widowed, super-horny pensioner with Special Forces training who embarks on an odd-couple Florida road-trip with his uptight lawyer grandson Jason (Zac Efron). Jason just wants to drive the old boy safely to his holiday home, but grandpa’s out to – and I’m quoting here – ‘fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck’.

You know that subtlety is not on the film’s agenda when ‘Dirty Grandpa’ opens with the sight of His Venerable Bobness spanking the monkey to a porno. And however much he goes hell for leather with the filthy dialogue, it’s hard not to feel that De Niro is – surely? – better than this. He’s game, though; so to is Efron, whose romantic subplot is a snore. There are laughs, but they’re tinged with the sadness of watching a beloved elderly relative making a bloody old fool of himself.

By: Trevor Johnston


Release details

Release date: Monday January 25 2016
Duration: 102 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Dan Mazer
Screenwriter: John Phillips
Cast: Julianne Hough
Zac Efron
Robert De Niro

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2.7 / 5

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Chesca R

Nice simple humour if thats your thing. I'm guessing that De Niro's granddaughter is a Zac Efron fan so he agreed to star in this movie as a favour to her, that or he got bored of all the high praise for his gritty performances. Its not an overly offensive film just a bit gross and pointless. 

Toni S

This is possible one of the worst movie I have ever seen. If you're into slap stick humour though, you may just enjoy it.

Sarah R

The reason why this movie deserves 5 stars is because of the stellar performance De Niro gives us!

He is downright hilarious and very politically incorrect, which makes it amazingly inappropriate and funny. Not to mention he is a complete badass and ripped! Two leading men are both in undeniable incredible shape, so balsam for the eyes for all ages? :D

Sure script doesn’t make much sense, but certain scenes did make me giggle quite a lot, especially things getting so outrageous. This is not meant to be a profound movie, so take it for what it is- De Niro cursing a and Efron being shirtless. A lot. If that doesn’t convince you to watch it, then I don’t know what does! :)

Luisa G

Wasn't really funny. I didn't laugh out loud once. Robert de Niro can do better than films like this!

Tiago Almeida

I'm quite surprised for the bad reviews this movie got. I don't know if the fact that I had a couple of cocktails before seeing the film helped but I remember that the everyone was having a great time.

This is one of the most incredibly inappropriate and funny movie I've seen in a long time. The only one that I remember to come close in the last few years is the original ‘The Hangover’.

Robert de Niro is absolutely incredible and I have to say the Zac Efron is becoming one of my favourite young actors – their chemistry in the film is key.

If you are a fan of ´The Hangover’ and you enjoy playing ‘Cards against Humanity’ then this is the film for you!

John C

Dear Robert De Niro,

As a loyal fan I feel I have to apologize to everyone who has the misfortune to see your latest movie. Please give us all a break & call it a day.