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From Leonardo DiCaprio to Kermit the Frog – here are our first ever screen crushes

We polled our staff and readers and asked them to tell us about the fictional fitties who still hold a special place in their hearts. From conventional heart-throbs to vaguely creepy crushes, here’s what they said

By Ellie Walker-Arnott

If the movies are to be believed, first loves are unique and something you never, ever forget. But quite often that initial infatuation – that first wonderful, confusing, all-encompassing crush – is a little less tangible. Because the object of our affections isn’t someone we actually know. Here are the fictional characters who first made our hearts beat that little bit faster. Spoiler alert: people are still lusting after the animated fox version of Robin Hood.

Our first film crushes

Best kissing scenes in movies, Titanic

Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) from ‘Titanic’

‘My mum snuck me in to see “Titanic” when I was eight. At one point I was so obsessed that I knew how much he weighed. How much he WEIGHED. I stuck a giant poster of him on the ceiling above my bed and it fell on me in the middle of the night. Our relationship was never the same after that.’ Rosie Percy

Chip, Beauty and the Beast

Chip from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

‘I remember thinking he was exactly the kind of upbeat boy I’d like at that age. He was an animated teacup but he was adventurous and outgoing, and hung out with Angela Lansbury. In later years, I googled the voice actor, thinking maybe we were soulmates. Turns out Bradley Pierce also played Peter Shepherd in ‘Jumanjii’:  a big yes. Bradley Pierce’s Wikipedia photo: a big no. Devastated.’ Ju Shardlow

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’

‘I know she’s a cartoon character. I know she’s not real. But to a wide-eyed six-year-old, buxom club singer Jessica Rabbit – huskily voiced by Kathleen Turner – was a source of unexplainable fixation. To this day, I still can't figure it out: why the bloody hell would she marry a rabbit?’ Matt Breen
Robin Hood, Best and worst Disney movies

Robin Hood from ‘Robin Hood’

‘Robin Hood, but the cartoon Disney version that was a fox. All the qualities I still look for in potential boyfriends, to be honest.’ Anon

‘The fox Robin Hood from the Disney film. I know now we could never have been – I was a fool. But what vulpine charm! And that voice! That jaunty hat! Who am I kidding, I still would.’ Anon

AC Slater - saved by the bell

AC Slater (Mario Lopez) from ‘Saved By the Bell’

‘It wasn’t just AC Slater’s perfect dimples, dark curly hair or rocking bod that I fell for, I was also in love with the romance he had with his feminist flame Jessie Spano. Like a cheesy version of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth, they spent as much time sparring as they did snogging and when they dressed as Anthony and Cleopatra at the school dance they were perfect. Albert Clifford wasn’t merely a hunk, he was a hunk who fancied the girl who was a lot cleverer than him.’ Miriam Bouteba
Cassandra Wayne's World

Cassandra (Tia Carrere) from ‘Wayne’s World’

‘She’s more than a love interest or a singer in a band, she’s a successful businesswoman, a leader of men, a multilingual and talented musician, and she doesn’t take shit from nobody. Plus, she learned English from the Police Academy movies.’ Eddy Frankel


Kermit the Frog from 'The Muppets'

'I say first screen crush, but honestly, I still think Kermit the Frog is the perfect boyfriend. Loyal, funny, decent and an all-round adorbs amphibian. The experts say that long-term relationships are built on empathy and learning to accept your partner’s shortcomings. Which is precisely what Kermit did for more than 40 years as other half to the most outrageous diva in showbiz, Miss Piggy. After her, I’ll be a doddle.' Cath Clarke

Harry Potter.jpg

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) from the Harry Potter franchise

‘I was obsessed with the boy wizard and the magical world he inhabited. I even had one of those mini Christmas-cracker heart-shaped photo frames with his picture in.’ Anon
Flight of the Navigator

David Freeman (Joey Cramer) from ‘Flight of the Navigator'

‘This film was a staple part of my diet as a kid. We even had a running joke in the family of randomly screaming the line ‘where have you been for the last eight years?’ at each other. I can vividly remember the exact moment, maybe aged nine or ten, when David appeared and I suddenly couldn’t stop blushing. In fact I got hot all over. This brilliant sci-fi tale of a young boy who mysteriously disappeared from his family had suddenly become a very uncomfortable watch.’ Amy Smith
Blue Hawaii

Maile Duval (Joan Blackman) from ‘Blue Hawaii’

‘Strangely enough it was Joan Blackman, which dates me! Yes, most readers will never have heard of her but she starred with Elvis Presley in “Blue Hawaii”. I carved her name in cement outside my house!’ Anon
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