Justice League

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3 out of 5 stars
3 out of 5 stars
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Justice League

More personalities means more fun, as the typically dour D.C. Comics universe takes a big leap skyward.

To people who follow these sorts of things, it’s been like watching the most absorbing train wreck since 'The General' to see Warner Bros. try to compete with Disney’s Marvel-money-minting machine. For every beloved 'Avengers' sequel or discofied 'Thor' spin-off, WB has soldiered on with its stillborn D.C. Comics franchise, resulting in such stinkers as 'Suicide Squad' or 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', two ridiculously bad movies that should have killed the superhero craze dead.

Still, this summer’s 'Wonder Woman' was a breath of fresh air (any kind of oxygen was required, frankly), and it seems that the course has finally been corrected: 'Justice League' gets the band together but remembers to bring the banter along with the boom. The plot is almost unnecessary to relate: Spandexed warriors do battle with one of those intergalactic bad guys (Ciarán Hinds) with a fetish for gleaming power cubes, here called “motherboxes.” Try not to laugh at that—at least when you’re not keeping track of all the insectoid winged henchmen buzzing around our heroes in the final sequence’s bloodless, too-long showdown.

But something’s gone right with the cast—not just returning Wonder Woman Gal Gadot (owning every subtle smile) but Ben Affleck, too, roused out of his bat stupor. As the junk-food-cramming speed-demon the Flash, Ezra Miller introduces some welcome comic neuroticism (he yearns to fist-bump with his colleagues). Even the movie's jaunty, cavorting orchestral score, supplied by Tim Burton’s old foil Danny Elfman, harks back to a better time, when “Why so serious?” wasn’t the rule. The pendulum swings.

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By: Joshua Rothkopf


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Release date:
Friday November 17 2017
120 mins

Cast and crew

Zack Snyder
Chris Terrio, Joss Whedon
Ben Affleck
Gal Gadot
Jason Momoa
Ezra Miller

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Good film and way better than Batman vs Superman BUT still nowhere near from any Marvel films.

They did make an effort and new characters like Aquaman make a real difference.


All DC heroes in just one movie? How fun does this sound? 5 x DC super heroes (Batman, Superman ect) gather to fight against the ultimate evil that wants to conquer the world. I know; that doesn’t sound like the most sophisticated movie to go to next Cannes festival but still can meet your basic movie instincts. A lot of action & good special effects to accompany your huge pop-corn basket.


Being a self proclaimed queen of geek and an ex film student, I have a tendency to pick up on the Hollywood rumour mill in the early days of any film project. So trust me when I say Hollywood has been trying it’s damn hardest to get the justice league up and running for a very fricking long time. From what they have now churned out, they really should have waited a bit longer.

It never really had the best of starts to be honest, a film rife with trouble and DC films not exactly meeting expectations so far, apart from Wonder Woman apparently. On the back of it’s best/ most popular film the momentum was looking good. They really should have just learnt from Suicide squad and even that is more entertaining than this could ever be.

The idea is a rehash from the marvel series, there are some good action scenes but the film fails to impress or even keep my attention at all throughout. It’s clunky, rushed and clearly Joss Wheaton is forgetting that this is a DC film and the characters shouldn’t be making smart arse quips that even the dumbest of jocks would find tedious. Saying that, the only relief comes from the awkwardly funny Ezra Miller who actually makes the film bearable, even a shirtless Momoa couldn’t hold my attention and I’d make him my house husband in a heartbeat.

Rushed, boring and pointless, providing that Mavel are still superior with the wonder that was Thor. I wouldn’t bother spending money on seeing it at the cinema. Especially when there’s Infinity war out next year.


Finally.. all the heroes in actually like all together taking out the bad guys.

I really enjoyed this movie. Though it lacked humour it was action packed! And yes.. return of our beloved superman! (Spoiler)

So the storyline as usual with these marvel movies is about some crazy guy wanting to destroy the world...which made no sense to me but the fighting scenes were so brutal and brilliant I didn't care. I can't wait to see more of these movies.

Justice League leaves you with a feeling of meh by the end of its 2hrs running time. It's not bad but, unfortunately it doesn't compare to the Marvel comics behemoth of movies. If this is supposed to revive the franchise then at this rate it may as we'll just give up, a bit like Ben Affleck seems to have done. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is the standout in this movie, as is any scene with Amazonians. Ezra Miller (The Flash) jokes misfire more often than not and the speedster Marvel equivalent was better released in the X-men movies. Jason Momoa (Aquaman) is fine, he gives a certain macho-man charm performance. Ray Fisher (Cyborg) is a overdose of CGI that rarely works that well, has anyone of them seen the original Robcop? That does cybernetics better with a smaller budget. Ciarán Hinds (Steppenwolf) is a one note villain, just there to be booed at on screen and little else. You get where the Joss Whedon (usually inserts) bits versus the Zack (slow-mo extended) Snyder sequences are on screen. If there is one thing that does work, then it's the music and it's nice to hear the Danny Elfman original Batman theme blare out. It's a shame considering DC has some of the best heroes and villains in the comic world, that this film doesn't shine like it deserves too. This time there are two post credit bits, one hints at a possible sequel, though after watching this I doubt there be one. One for those who want a DC fix, but honestly go see Thor Ragnarok or even Paddington 2 instead.


It was a good build up but this isn't a patch on the Avengers franchise. 6 characters thrown together didn't work as there was no time for their story lines to develop. The action was great however but the plot line has been done to death and it was quite boring and you don't really care about the characters. Now there is one shining light, or rather flashing light. The Flash is great in this providing much needing comic relief and team banter, worth a watch for his first meeting with Superman!


It is what it is, I came out liking it.

It has the usual problem DC movies have with little character development and weird editing.

However, the cast work well together with really good battle/action shots.

Worth a watch, I plan on a second viewing

Well done Joshua, your review is  perhaps a little generous but this movie  is indeed a mild recovery for DC and  for Time Out London too, given that another TO reviewer  actually managed to call the truly atrocious 'Man of Steel' "punchy, engaging  and fun' when it was none of those things. It is a hard road back for DC but they seem to be taking it and the absence of Goyer from the credits probably helps. 


I loved watching wonder woman and so was excited to see a movie with so many superheros! I am pleased to say I wasn't disappointed, however, I also wouldn't go out of my way to see this. It was fun to see each superhero being introduced and some of the funny one liners they had throughout the movie, but sadly I felt there wasn't a gripping storyline and the effects at points made the movie look like a video game and it was quite off putting to be honest. Flash and Aquaman were my favourites suprisingly and added humour to the movie and kept me interested but all in all I wasn't crazy about this one.


This was hugely entertaining, with many amusing moments. Initially it concentrated on the well trodden concept of gathering interesting characters to build up a team. The Flash was really entertaining and had some great soundbites, though the other half preferred how Marvel's had portrayed Quicksilver.  Aquaman was also an interesting character and really quite easy on the eye. He had one of the best scenes when he unintentionally sits on the Lasso of Truth. It's storyline surrounding Superman was cool and unexpected. 

My only gripe was that a lot of the film particularly when Steppenwolf starred with his Parademons looked so CGIed that all the fight scenes looked like our heros were just fighting a cartoon or playing a video game. It was really annoying. Even Wonder Woman's saving London looked like a huge green screen in places. This comes apparent when you compare it to the likes of "Thor Ragnarok" which took place on a fictional place and still looked like it hadn't leapt out of a Playstation. 

Largely this was fun to watch.