Pitch Perfect 3

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Pitch Perfect 3

The charm starts to fade on the a cappella franchise.

Once there was a time when this series poked gentle fun at the vanilla sounds of a cappella singing. Can that ancient moment (2015’s ‘Pitch Perfect 2’) be over? ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ plays like a sugar-fuelled sorority fantasy in which besties slay audiences worldwide– including hooting crowds of US soldiers – all via the appeal of their vocalising. Everybody deserves some kind of escape, right?

Almost everything about this second sequel feels both manic and tired, including its desperate lunge to get the graduated Bellas back in a competition; here it’s a four-country singathon judged by DJ Khaled. But even though ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ has a predictability problem – it even spoils its own climax in the first few moments – it’s still likeable. Anna Kendrick has a vagueness that makes her unconvincing as the squad’s ostensible alpha, and Rebel Wilson’s bawdiness is getting old, but Hailee Steinfeld only gets more interesting with every film, most recently in ‘The Edge of Seventeen’. Her mystified stares here are better than any of the one-liners. Consistent displays of sisterhood paper over the weaker moments.

The movie is best when it’s focused on the music (prepare to hear the dorkiest version of ‘Toxic’ more times than is healthy), not the silly subplots that have a way of sprouting up around third chapters. John Lithgow uncorks an atrocious Australian accent, almost worth the price of admission for its awfulness, and the fact that his character is masterminding a financial theft and hostage situation tells you how off course this series has flown. But ex-‘Glee’ geeks and those who sing in the shower… your passable time-waster has arrived.

By: Joshua Rothkopf


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Wednesday December 20 2017
93 mins

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Trish Sie
Kay Cannon, Mike White
Anna Kendrick
Hailee Steinfeld
Rebel Wilson

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3.4 / 5

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This was a truly disappointing end to an excellent trilogy. 

The girls are just going through the motions and clearly want out, whilst the plot went in a pathetic and ridiculous direction that swapped all the charm of the first two films for action and silliness. Meanwhile, the main male characters were sorely missed, and there simply wasn't enough of the characteristic singing. 

However... and it's a small plus... the reason for two stars rather than one is the presence of one or two cracking one-liners (sadly mostly in the first 20 minutes). You will at least get a couple of belly laughs out of it!

I love these girls but this was my least favourite of the 3 PP films. I would have liked more musical numbers- I love it when the ladies sing & the set pieces felt few & far between. The plot was super silly but I don’t have a problem with that. There were some genuinely laugh out loud moments before t not as acerbic as the previous films. The final number lacked the emotional punch of Flashlight. A good addition to the franchise but they didn’t save the best till last..


As with most sequels I felt the first pitch perfect was the best one and with each movie that 'wow' factor deteriorates. However, this is still a good laugh and showcases the beautiful acapella voices of each of the characters and the randomness of DJ Khaled in the movie makes it amusing. I wouldn't recommend you see it asap but it's a good light hearted one for a sunday evening in my opinion.


If you've seen Pitch Perfect 1and 2 you know what to expect; great acapella music,a simple storyline with some laughs along the way. These films have been entertaining but they've reached their conclusion. There is just enough mileage to give us number three with plenty of happy endings.


You cannot leave this film without a bit smile on your face.

It's filled with everything you expect from a pitch perfect movie, music laughs and heart. You can tell this ensumble work well together and the storyline pushes each character into new areas of their personas.

If you want a feel good movie to go with friends or family I could not recommend this more.