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#sexedupmovies: your best filthy film titles

We asked our Twitter followers to suggest their dirtiest versions of famous film titles. Here’s what they came up with...

By Tom Huddleston

The new movie version of ‘50 Shades of Grey’ is about as sexy as a traffic warden in brown wellies, so for all those looking for a little genuine cinematic spice we created a handy list of the 100 best sex scenes of all time. To celebrate the launch, we also asked you to put a sexy spin on classic movie titles. Here are our favourite responses…

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sexy movie titles, Armageddon It On

sexy movie titles, The Empire Strokes Back

sexy movie titles, Lubey-Doo

sexy movie titles, Night of the Giving Head

sexy movie titles, Englishman who wanked up a hill but came down a mountain

sexy movie titles, Night of the Humper

sexy movie titles, Picnic at Hanging Cock

sexy movie titles, The Great Booty

sexy movie titles, The Good, the Bad and the Snuggly

sexy movie titles, I Know Where I'm Growing

sexy movie titles, Saucy Code

sexy movie titles, Clit Follows

sexy movie titles, Ejaculating Rita

sexy movie titles, One Flew Over the Cuckhold's Nest

sexy movie titles, Fanny Games

sexy movie titles, Gulp Friction

sexy movie titles, Which Finger, General?

sexy movie titles, Casawanka

sexy movie titles, Felch Lives

sexy movie titles, Desperately Soliciting Susan

See cinema’s best sex scenes

The 100 best sex scenes of all time


Sex. Watching it can sometimes come close to having it – and once in a while, it’s superior. Putting on our serious hats for a second, sex is also a bedrock of cinema – the undercurrent of all romantic movies. By charting the history of onscreen eroticism, one can trace a culture’s hang-ups, along with the worldwide audience’s evolving appetites.


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