The Announcement

Centred on a dinner party where everyone is annoying, self-pitying and horrible, this charmless relationships drama crams in so many angst-ridden characters that there's scarcely room for plot or thoughtful characterisation. Beth (Banks, who wrote the screenplay) and Ross (Stephens) gather their so-called friends together to announce their recent marriage. The guests react to this news. The lesbians are regretful then empowered, the studmuffin (Baddiel) wistful and relieved, the bitchy sister (Hardie) jealous and questioning of her own marriage. Were there more than an inkling of naturalistic dialogue, the film might possibly have offered an insight into modern attitudes to commitment. But it's extremely hard to care whether anyone gets married, breaks up, lives or dies. In the event that you do care, you'll find the 'happy' ending very problematic indeed.

By: ASm

Release details

Duration: 90 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Troy Miller
Screenwriter: Morwenna Banks
Cast: Mark Addy
David Baddiel
Morwenna Banks
Kate Hardie
Tom Hollander
Lennie James
Heike Makatsch
Aisling O'Sullivan
Toby Stephens
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