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Gang Colours – 'Invisible in Your City' album review

With its mushy, overwrought mix, Will Ozanne's follow-up is thoroughly sleep-inducing

Gang Colours’ 2012 debut ‘The Keychain Collection’ showed promise, with its ear for off-kilter textures and melancholic melodies, but there was something about it which felt lightweight and inconsequential – trendy muzak for poncy gastropubs. With his follow up LP ‘Invisible in Your City’, the Southampton-bred producer (aka Will Ozanne) takes his pop-inflected electronica from background music to bedtime music, producing an album so chilled-out that it’s as potent as a double dose of Nytol.

Laying grainy, Boards of Canada-esque synths, near-inaudible, reverb-swamped vocals and plaintive piano chords over muffled beats, the mix is overwrought and lifeless. As all the elements coagulate into a sort of pallid sonic mush, one track becomes barely discernible from the other. There are some nice touches here and there: the quivering clarinet on ‘Communal Quo’ is gorgeous, and ‘The Rhythm the Rebel’ builds to a joyous swirl of samples and chiming bleeps. But unless you’re suffering from a nasty bout of insomnia, give this a miss. Buy this album here

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