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Tunng 'Turbines'

Tunng – 'Turbines' album review

Immaculate calibration helps the London six-piece achieve an engaging hybrid on their fifth album

By Phil Harrison

Tunng – 'Turbines'

4 out of 5 stars

As the likes of Four Tet and Ultramarine have shown, electronics and folk melodies are surprisingly comfortable bedfellows. Far from the ersatz village green bellowings of the likes of Mumford & Sons, London six-piece Tunng have been mining this seam for several years now: ‘Turbines’ is their fifth album of immaculately calibrated vocal harmonies, spidery guitar twangs and ghostly electronic bleeps and murmurs. At its best, their sound feels like an unclassifiable hybrid, locating the DNA of an ancient folk tradition buried deep within the potential of new technology. Just occasionally, they can sound a little featureless, as if they’ve concentrated on the textural trickery but forgotten the heart and soul. But generally, ‘Turbines’ is an engaging continuation of a low-key but casually inventive vision.

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