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Ty Segall – Sleeper

Ty Segall – 'Sleeper' album review

The garage-rocker produces a sublime, space-cadet acoustic album

Written by
Tom Huddleston

Ty Segall – 'Sleeper'

  • 4 out of 5 stars


California garage-rock workaholic Ty Segall continues his plunge into the past, following last year’s heavy-psych White Fence collaboration ‘Hair’. 'Sleeper' is an acoustic album heavily indebted to the lolloping, semi-improvised drone-folk of Syd Barrett, early T-Rex and their starry-eyed offspring.

It’s not Segall’s first soft brush with acoustic instrumentation – 2011’s ‘Goodbye Bread’ has that honour – but ‘Sleeper’ is a more richly cosmic affair, heavy on the phase and reverb, drifting by on strummed strings and Segall’s weirdly Scouse-inflected holler. As with every Segall release there are fleeting quality control problems, and the middle of side one does drag. The highlights are truly sublime, however: the string-tinged ‘She Don’t Care’ is almost lighter-wavingly lovely, ‘Queen Lullabye’ has a demonic rumble to rival ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’, and closer ‘The West’ harbours the sweet promise of Ty Segall, country balladeer. Now that we’d love to see.

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