What's Holding You Back? A Workshop For Those Who Want More Out Of Life.

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What's Holding You Back? A Workshop For Those Who Want More Out Of Life.
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What's Holding You Back? A Workshop For Those Who Want More Out Of Life. says
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Stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? Have you lost touch with your self confidence and sense of purpose? Unsure what the next step on your path is? Or maybe your business or personal growth has hit a plateau and stuck in one space...I can help you, and quickly!

I'm Frank D'amato, a personal growth coach here in Louisville, Kentucky. I help people access their authentic, compassionate selves so that they can remove the internal barriers which block them from bringing their unique gifts to the world. Through teaching, coaching, and modeling authentic self-compassion, I can help you:

Remove barriers to your success and prosperity

Help you connect to your life purpose

Have deeper, more connected relationships to loved ones

gain self-confidence, self-trust, self-acceptance

Enrich your spiritual path

Become an authentic leader in all areas of your life

"Frank, you helped me, in one session, free a part of myself that was protecting me from success. It had learned in childhood that what looked like success to most people was dangerous, and it was better to live under the world's radar than to freely let go and flow along with my Highest Self and the gifts I have to give the world. No more. The flood of Good is flowing and I am bravely embracing the ride with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. Thanks to Frank and his skillful IFS work. Don't miss this workshop, people!" Lin Schussler-Williams, indiesalescoach.com

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This workshop is ideal for:

People who want more connected and cooperative relationships
People who want to live to their fullest potential and are tired of getting in their own way
People who want to take their personal growth to a deeper level
People who still get 'hooked' by the same old stories

This workshop is meant to be an introduction.

It is both experiential and informational.

Which means a growth experience that is exciting and engaging!

Space is limited!! Get your tickets asap.

"Feeling an amazing sense of gratitude, bliss, peace, joy and positivity! Thank you Frank D'Amato for an amazing group workshop...thank you for being part of such an intimate journey towards my authentic self. Your guidance is deeply appreciated. These words really just can't fully describe how I feel right now!" --Julie Calamaris

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Questions? Call 502-296-5049

FYI: All tickets are usable for future similarly priced workshops, so if something comes up and you can't make it, nothing is lost! You can take a rain check and come to the next one.
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