Ángel Marcos. Alrededor del sueño 4 [Madrid]

Art, Photography
Ángel Marcos. Alrededor del sueño 4
With Madrid in the spotlight, this exhibition reflects the disappearance of 'the city' as a determined order and determinant of the idea of ​​global progress. Photographer Ángel Marcos (Medina del Campo, Valladolid, 1955) brings together images taken in New York, Cuba and China along with others made ​​in the Spanish capital especially for this exhibition.

The exhibition consists of 12 large-scale works, an installation made up of more than 20 elements in steel with backlit photographs, a centerpiece with nearly 200 photographs with Madrid as the subject, and two videos. On the ground floor of the Sala Canal de Isabel II, you can see the three first image archives, which serve as a foundation, introduction and theoretical discussion of the new exhibition on Madrid. The city itself, as the fourth chapter, occupies the remaining floors in the space.
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