Mediterráneo. Del mito a la razón

Art, Sculpture

The relationship between men and gods, and even among men themselves, is the focus of this show at the CaixaForum. With the Mediterranean and its coasts as the focus, the exhibition is based on questioning the need for the gods to decipher the mysteries of the cosmos; the organization of cities around a central common space – the main square, the forum – as a favorable place to meet and talk with each other, and a new consideration of the person replacing the power of the warrior with the inner strength of the philosopher happened in the ancient Greco-Roman world.

Thanks to these ideas, new ways to interpret the gods and to relate to them came about, sometimes revealing as much admiration as desire for destruction. This archaeological exhibition combines myth with real history through 165 works of Greco-Roman antiquity, from sculptures, reliefs and pottery to jewellery that have come from various European museums to show the will of the Mediterranean man to go beyond the past, facing his destiny, regardless of the gods, and wondering about the foundation of the world and its relevance to human needs.

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