Proyector 2015: 8th International Festival of Video Art

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Proyector 2015: 8º Festival Internacional de Videoarte

Madrid joins up with Jaén, Milán, Coimbra, Oaxaca and Quito to make 'Proyector 2015' possible; it's the eighth edition of this international festival of video art that started out with more than 600 submissions from some 20 different countries. They had to narrow it down, and now there are a total of 28 pieces selected (single channel, multichannel, video dance, video performance, video installations, video interaction and video mapping), of which 5 are on display at the Matadero de Madrid. 'Armenian Genocide' by Vanane Borian, and 'Historias de la Violencia' by Gustavo Gutiérrez, are two of the projected works you can take in during this exhibition.



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