Stephen Shore

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Stephen Shore

The Fundación Mapfre is all about photography these days. This time around they've chosen to host an exhibition on the career of Stephen Shore (New York, 1947), whose influence has been widespread in the last 30 years. With some 260 works encompassing all the stages of Shore's career, from his earliest where you can already begin to see his desire to investigate conditions and effects impeded by the camera as to the perception of the world to his black-and-white period that lasted a decade.

An undisputed reference for young photography students, the artist is also a teacher, sharing his knowledge and the theory of his work at New York's Bard College. Don't miss this chance to take in such jewels as ‘Uncommon Places’,  ‘American Surfaces’ and even some of his lesser-known works and never-before-seen images in the Sala Bárbara de Braganza at the Fundación Mapfre.

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