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Take the hassle out of life - four life hacks for Mancunians

Written by
Keeley Watts

You're busy, I'm busy, everyone's busy. How many times have you got home after a hard day at work and literally wondered how on God's earth you are going to find time to do that mountain of ironing? Or cook that healthy meal? Fear not dear reader, here are some handy companies who are here to help.
Hassle is an online market place designed to help you find the perfect cleaner. You can find, book and pay your cleaner online for £10 per hour. All the cleaners registered are vetted and local to you. No fuss, No hassle. 

Want a decent meal but don't have time to cook? Deliveroo are a premium food delivery service that is now operating in Manchester. They bring food from your favourite restaurant to your door in an average of 32 minutes. We're not talking the greasy pizza takeaway here, oh no, think Splendid Kitchen, Harvey Nichols Brasserie, El Capo and many more. They charge £2.50 for delivery and can also deliver to your office for those moments when there is just no chance of getting out for a sandwich.  

When it comes to taxi companies Uber are one of the most well known at the moment. A global company you will find them in most major cities around the world and they have been in Manchester for a while now. They've started to branch out of the city centre with Bury and Rochdale now covered through their mobile app. You set your location, get a price estimate and request your driver. You can even watch the little cars on your mobile app moving around the map to your house to pick you up. Payment can be done through your phone via PayPal and both you and the driver can leave feedback about each other. Perfect if you are stuck with no cash and no access to an ATM. 

Now you have saved all that precious time you may as well spend a little bit of it being pampered. We are, after all, so busy that a bit of 'me time' is well deserved. Wahanda takes away the stress of finding a decent manicure, facial or wax with an online booking system where you can search for the exact treatment you want, book and pay online. There are reviews of the salons registered from previous customers making the process of choosing a therapist easy and hassle free.

Enjoy your newly found free time Manchester, I'll see you in a cocktail bar somewhere nice and refreshed!

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