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4 out of 5 stars
Foto: Alejandra Carbajal

There are many myths about absinthe, a drink made famous by the Parisian intellectual scene of the early twentieth century. All of which can be denied or confirmed at Artemisia, a bar exclusively dedicated to the wormwood, fennel and anise spirit.

This restored Porfirian-era mansion offers the total experience, starting with their restaurant. A French-inspired gastronomically eccentric menu where the quality of the ingredients is enviable. Meat, veggies and spices of only the highest caliber are used here.

After sharing a pâté and a wine, it’s possible to head to the bar, but that’s contingent on the occupancy at the time. Bar space is restricted and controlled through reservations to maintain an ideal atmosphere since the absinthe ritual is best experienced in with a little bit of breathing room.

It may sound odd, but to secure a spot it’s mandatory that you’ve been here before. It’s intended to be a well-kept secret and they’re in no rush to change that. In fact, we kind of prefer it that way.

By: Isabel Bari


Venue name: Artemisia
Address: Tonalá 23
Mexico City
Opening hours: Mon-Wed 1-10pm, Thu-Sat 1pm-12am Bar: Tue-Sat 8:30pm-2:30am
Transport: Metrobús Durango and Metro Insurgentes
Price: Average drink $150
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