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Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

The renewed fascination with mixology in Mexico has a name, Limantour. It was one of the first bars in Mexico City to get off the beaten path and offer up something totally new at the time: a bar that goes beyond the martini.

Here, cocktails are high science. With drinks that are bitter, sweet, herbal, and incorporate mezcal, gin and bitters in a fusion that evokes the barman of the 20s while simultaneously innovating. It’s all about perpetual motion.

It’s not uncommon to find well-known guest bartenders at Limantour and, depending on the season, to participate in themed-contests, like a gin and tonic off or tea-infused cocktails competition. Although the 20-cocktail regular menu has international influences regularly and can transport you to an old bar in Buenos Aires, a simple Scottish pub or an underground dive in Brooklyn.

Personally, I went with a proverbial road trip to Oaxaca with the hibiscus mezcal made with chocolate bitters. Served in a clay jar, a la Monte Albán mezcalería, the first sips go straight to your throat and warm up the soul. A few seconds later, the chocolate aftertaste strikes a surprising and almost captivating note. After Oaxaca, I headed to Argentina with the Florero Atlantico, named after one of the most famous Argentine bars. It’s served in a ceramic vase (as the name would suggest) crowned with bougainvillea flowers. Our first thought was “how am I supposed to drink that?” Well, we figured it out with little trouble and good thing because it’s a sweet and bitter treat made from Gin Prince

Later, I traveled to Argentina with the Atlantic vase (which refers to one of the most famous bars in the capital of this Latin American country). As the name suggests, it is served in a ceramic vase and crowned with bougainvillea flowers. When it comes to us, the first impression makes us think: how am I going to drink that? It's worth it, because it's a drink that goes from sweet to bitter without letting you rest. It is made with Gin Príncipe de los Apóstoles and bougainvillea-infused Martini Rosato.

A few other notable cocktails are the Baffi Julep, made with mezcal, artichoke liqueur, mint and grapefruit juice, the Anti-Jet Lag – rum, kiwi puree, lemon juice, Pernod and Cachaça Pitu – and if you’re more into the classics, try the Berry Collins – Kettle One, Cherry Marnier, lemon juice, simple syrup, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry – or my personal favorite, Tony Ten, made with Tanqueray, Cointreau, Aperol crystals, and tonic.

Even though Limantour is all about 5-star drinks, the snacks are no slouch either. We particularly loved the brie cheese.

Pro tip: Go during the evening on a weeknight, the weekends are absolutely packed here.

Written by Laura Chávez


Álvaro Obregón 106
Mexico City
Metrobús Álvaro Obregón
Average drink $200
Opening hours:
Mon-Tue 6pm-12am, Wed-Sat 6pm-2am, Sun 6-10pm
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