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Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

For over two decades, this place has been the official home to dance-off circles and tunes. Here, you can find people from every walk of life, dancers, hipsters, yuppies, taxi drivers, and the older crowd, all looking for one thing only: to dance like nobody’s watching. We recommend going on 80s, 90s, or 2000s nights, they’re much more manageable than the “High Energy” themed nights where everyone has a bottle of water but not because they don’t drink (wink, wink). Either way, check their calendar of events online before you come.

When you get here, poke around for a while on the dance floor and check out the regulars honing their steps. They’re the protagonists of this dance saga and they take their dancing seriously and dress for the occasion with long pants and sneakers. It’s always fun to point out the first-timers wearing high heels and cocktail dresses – it’s not that kind of place, really. So, show up wearing comfortable clothes and prepare to feel like you’re an extra in a dance montage.

After your first Friday night visit, you’ll be hooked. The neon walls make it feel like it could be a laser tag joint if it weren’t for the giant disco ball and bizarre strobe light show. But, be forewarned that there’s a lot of dancing and exactly zero air conditioning so, be ready to get sweaty.

Once you’ve worked up a thirst, you have two options to quench it: beer and water. You’ll need to get in line to buy a drink chip for either and the line can be enormous. Once you have your chip, you can cash it in at the bar for either option. The trick here is to walk to the end of the dance floor and up to the second floor where you’ll find a nearly empty ticket office. Then, walk up the step next to the ticket office and you’ll find an open and well-lit space with stools and another bar. You’ll have the entire place practically all to yourself.

In a city where the masses wait for hours on end to receive the blessing of some buff bouncer type to let them in, Patrick Miller is a stark contrast where stereotypes and judgement is thrown to the wind. Here, there’s no prejudice, just dancing. At least until the lights come on at 3am.

Written by Beatriz Vernon


Mérida 17
Mexico City
Metro Insurgentes
Average drink $50
Opening hours:
Fri 10pm-3am
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