Club Roshell

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Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

This place is all about drag. Period.

Ran by the beloved Roshell, perhaps the activist who has fought hardest for transvestite, transsexual and intersex rights in the city, this spot doubles as a stage for those looking to try out the drag lifestyle.

Formerly known as Roshell's Place, they offer lockers and dressing rooms, so you can keep your usual g gray business suit or walk around in a dress rocking those irresistible heels.

The staff here is super friendly and approachable. They’re even trained to help you with your makeup in case you’re not really sure how to use the eyeliner pencil just yet.

They also host comedy night in the main hall, which is slightly reminiscent of a David Lynch movie only also very Mexican cabaret at the same time.

It might go without saying but… everyone is welcome here. Even, straight people.

Written by Wenceslao Bruciaga


Aragón 75
Mexico City
Metro Viaducto.
Average drink $250
Opening hours:
Tue and Thue 5-11pm, Fri 9pm-3am
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