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 (Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez)
Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez
 (Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez)
Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez
 (Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez)
Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez
 (Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez)
Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez
 (Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez)
Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez
 (Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez)
Foto: Alejandra Gutiérrez

Aristoteles, in his book Poética, defines catharsis as a resource to emotionally purify the public after a tragedy. After experimenting fear or tension through drama, the outcome allows the spectator to leave in a relaxed manner from its problems. I have the theory that gastronomy —the art of preparing great food, can have this same effect; there are some dishes that, bite after bite, can sublime and vanish any concern…at least until dessert is over. This, obviously, is no easy task. However, Belfiore, in Polanco, achieves this experience.

Opposite to other Italian places focused in offering the nonna’s homemade cooking, Belfiore targets a menu that would perfectly fit the “boot” of Europe. The greatness of the dishes lie on the ingredients’ simplicity. Highlighting just one is a challenge.

Protagonists on the tables are pastas, great examples of culinary magnificence, perfectly al dente and plenty of it on the plate. Three suggestions: the fusilli with eggplant, ricotta cheese and tomato; risotto with artichoke hearts and parmesan; and penne with artichoke and truffle oil.

The other topnotch is pizza. Our favorite was arrabbiata with Italian sausage, with a slight touch of spice, mozzarella cheese and olives.

The place breaks —thankfully— with the style of the area. Ceilings are low and create a more intimate atmosphere, but the extreme closeness between tables vanishes the effect. Because of it, we suggest you make a reservation for a small group of friends. The restaurant’s major challenge, for now, is to improve their service.

While we wait for it, the biggest culinary tragedy in Belfiore happens when the plate goes empty.

By: Beatriz Vernon


Venue name: Belfiore
Address: Masaryk 514
Mexico City

Opening hours: Mon-Tue1:30-11pm, Wed-Thu 1:30-11:30pm, Fri-Sat 1:30pm-12am, Sun 1:30-6pm
Transport: Metro Polanco
Price: Average maincourse $500
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