Jardín Botánico de Chapultepec

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 (Foto: Mariana Guillén)
Foto: Mariana Guillén
 (Foto: Mariana Guillén)
Foto: Mariana Guillén
 (Foto: Mariana Guillén)
Foto: Mariana Guillén

Coming here is a respite from all the stress and the repetitive urban landscapes. The Chapultepec Botanical Garden is part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Institute of Biology, with 5.3 hectares of extension dedicated to Mexico’s characteristic biodiversity.

Come and admire ornamental and medicinal plants, orchards and an orchidarium, flowers, agaves, brush areas and an arboretum; vegetation of all kinds of scents and sizes that will surely transport you to many different parts and climates of the country.

The garden has a greenhouse with optimal conditions for the conservation and growth of tropical vegetation. Here you can find a variety of species from tropical regions, as well as rare types of orchids, the main attraction.

Another part of the garden is dedicated to species from the arid regions in the center of the country, including an impressive variety of cacti, from the everyday nopal cactus to exotic species in fantastic shapes.

In another section, you will find plants and vegetables that have been staples of the Mexican diet since Prehispanic times, like parsley, coriander, xoconostle and of course, corn.

The didactic panels explain the name and origin of each element, but if you’re interested in learning about the garden and its vegetation in detail and with an expert’s guidance, you can book a guided tour in advance.

Exploring and rediscovering Mexico’s biodiversity is always a good idea, especially in Mexico City, where residents don’t often get a chance to walk in nature. This is an interesting alternative among the many options that the Forest of Chapultepec offers.

By: Cristina García


Venue name: Jardín Botánico de Chapultepec
Address: Paseo de la Reforma s/n
Bosque de Chapultepec, Primera Sección
Mexico City
Opening hours: Thu-Sun 10am-4pm
Transport: Metro Auditorio
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