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10 awesome Miami Instagram accounts to follow

Miami sunset
Photograph: Shutterstock

What’s the quickest way to get to know a city? Follow its most popular Instagrammers, of course. For a taste of what’s hot in the 305, we turn to these 10 best Miami Instagram accounts, which are run by a pair of pug-loving foodies, a sports star and a couple of photographers whose shots you will ogle for days—just to name a few. Time to refresh your feed? Check out these awesome accounts that showcase the real Miami.   

1. @miami_foodporn


A photo posted by Miami Food Porn (@miami_foodporn) on

Porn that’s actually SFW. This Instagram page showcases the best dishes in Miami, from South Beach to Wynwood. One look at the account’s delectable shot of Lulu’s ice cream and you’ll be craving dessert all day.

2. @miamifoodpug


A photo posted by Miami Food Bloggers (@miamifoodpug) on

The duo behind this Miami food IG (and eponymous blog) trademark their photos with a pug (think “Where’s Waldo?” with an adorable pug in place of a stripes-clad Waldo), which finds its way into desserts, atop French fries and into all sorts of dishes. The account is one of Miami’s most prolific food IGs and also the funniest. They get bonus points for getting the pug to wear a chef’s hat.

3. @lifestyle_miami

A smattering of shots showing what life in Miami is like, only with fewer food posts than most local IG accounts. A shot of Miami architecture? Check. A #nofilter pic of Wynwood walls? Check, check.

4. @brianladder


A photo posted by Brian Hernandez (@brianladder) on

Brian captures Miami the way we’d all like to: with beautiful photographs that are always in focus, perfectly balanced, properly framed and very evocative. If you’re looking to follow a true Miami photographer, Brian is the man to follow.

5. @elitemodelsmiami

Elite’s Insta page showcases the modeling agency’s hottest talents, most of whom reside right in our own backyard.

6. @giancarlo818


A photo posted by Giancarlo Stanton (@giancarlo818) on

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate the Marlins’ slugger’s IG account. His posts are equal parts self-indulgent (Does the dude ever wear a long-sleeve shirt?) and celebratory. You’ll see him dressed up as a pharoah as well as getting ready to bat. Stanton is a legend.

7. @oasisjae


A photo posted by @oasisjae on

OasisJae is a darker Brian Ladder. Jae comes out at night to surreptitiously capture the city’s nightlife and Miami after dark.

8. @pineapplecitizen

Ever wonder what Miami looks like from the perspective of a pineapple? We never did, yet, this IG is surprisingly groovy. The pineapple makes its way around the city, taking psychedelic pictures with its many adoring fans.

9. @sweatrecords


A photo posted by Sweat Records (@sweatrecords) on

Follow Miami’s number one independent record store to get your fill of the local indie scene. See photos of new records the shop is carrying as well as neat pics of old rockers and concerts.

10. @pitbull


A photo posted by Pitbull (@pitbull) on

It doesn’t get more Miami than Mr. 305. Pitbull’s Instagram is mostly just pictures of him looking dapper—that’s it—but no Miami list would be complete without him. #Dale.


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