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Drake is kicking off El Clasico weekend at Story

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Good news for those of you desperately trying to find something positive to grasp onto this Monday afternoon: this weekend is going to be fun. Very fun. Not only is one of the globe's most anticipated sporting events, El Clásico, invading Hard Rock Stadium this Saturday, but Drake will be in town to kick things off.

Miami Beach's Story announced today that it will host Drizzy this Friday to launch El Clásico weekend. Tickets are currently running $65, which is at least cheaper than the thousands some are paying to get into the game on Saturday. And you probably have a halfway decent chance of catching a few famous soccer players sneaking out past curfew to have some fun. An anonymous source tells us Lionel Messi has been practicing his "Hotline Bling" dance in the mirror for months. 

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