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III Points swaps the usual VIP experience with a virtual reality “VRP” section

III Points Festival Live at Mana Wynwood October 6-9, 2016
Photograph: Jason Koerner Last year's Mars 2030 demo.

While the bands remain the main draw of III Points, don’t forget that this is a music, arts and technology festival. The latter of those three points is often one of the most underrated experiences of the entire weekend.

Last year, III Points put a special virtual reality booth inside Mana for an installation called Mars 2030. The experience, a project from Fusion and NASA, simulated driving around on the surface of Mars and—if you could brave the line—was awesome.

This year III Points is going a bit more conceptual for its VR demo with a tongue-in-cheek “VRP” section, a roped-off virtual reality land offered as a satirical substitution to the pretentious real thing. The goal of the VRP is to offer festival goers an area to unwind, away from the noise and crowds. Once they strap on the Samsung VR headsets, users will be whisked away to a surreal island populated by trippy art courtesy of artists Girls Unaware, Natasha Tomchin and Muvtek. The whole thing is peak III Points: irreverent, original and—in the best way possible—weird. 

The festival is just a short week away and tickets are still available via We'll meet you in the VRP?


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