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Miami celebrates the turnover chain with sushi, beer and more

Ryan Pfeffer

The Miami hurricanes stomped their way to another victory this weekend against Virginia and only further intensified the 305’s obsession with the turnover chain.

In case you’re not up on the latest college football news, the Hurricanes are currently enjoying an undefeated season and number three national ranking thanks largely to its stellar defense. And every time that stellar defense produces a turnover, they get to wear the snazzy gold turnover chain that UM had specially made. It’s all very Miami and the city—who have suffered through a pretty terrible football team over the last five years—can’t get enough of it.

The turnover chain obsession has officially infiltrated Miami’s food scene too, with Sushi Maki debuting its own Turnover Chain Roll: a shrimp tempura creation designed to resemble the jewelry.

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The Wynwood-based brewery J. Wakefield is also currently brewing up a turnover chain beer that they hope to have ready by December 9. Fans can buy their own turnover chains as well, which range in price from a $9 Walmart knock-off to $400 eBay replicas. And the internet, of course, is having its own fun with the turnover chain fever.

Let's hope the 'Canes keep winning so we can enjoy more weird, delicious turnover chain creations. 

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