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Miami has felt as hot as the Sahara this week

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

It's not your imagination. This week has been a special delivery straight from the angriest part of the sun's bowels. Over the past few days, Miami's temperature has topped off somewhere around the 90s, but the heat index is reaching well past 100 degrees.

On Tuesday, the heat index was estimated to peak at 111. Yesterday, things got so bad the National Weather Service had to issue a heat advisory, which is the federal government's way of saying: Damn. The NWS tweeted again this morning, warning of another scorcher that's sure to turn your seat belt buckle into a deadly weapon.

With the actual temperature feeling like 105–115, that puts Miami in the same category as places like Phoenix (projected high of 109) and the Moroccan Desert (projected high of 104 in Marrakech, Morocco today). 

Weekend storms might bring a bit of relief, but it's still going to be an adjustment for Real Madrid and Barcelona, who will enjoy their first match on U.S. soil during one big South Florida sauna. Someone send Ronaldo some Gatorade. 

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