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This app lets you reserve a spot at Dadeland Mall

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Hands down, the worst part of going to the mall—especially Dadeland Mall—is knowing that you will have to drive like Furiosa from Mad Max if you want to find yourself a parking spot. But, like so many aspects of our lives, technology is trying to fix that inconvenience. 

MyPark is a new app in town that lets you reserve a specific parking spot with your phone so you don't have to worry about fist fights in the parking garage. It works like this: You open the app on your phone, select a participating location and find a spot. Once you drive up to it, you hit a button and a tiny little robot guarding your space will lower to allow you inside. 

The app also works for Miami Beach's Pelican Garage (1041 Collins Avenue)

Dadeland currently has 30 of these bad boys across its parking lots and they can be reserved for $3 for the first two hours and an additional $3 per hour after that. Sure, parking at Dadeland is technically free under normal circumstances, but anyone who's braved the lot on a Sunday afternoon knows the slight convenience charge is so worth it.

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