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Vote in our Take It Easel street art competition

Joel Meares

During Time Out Miami's official launch party, held Saturday December 3, we saw the culmination of a unique art competition: Throughout the week, a number of artists transformed 12-foot tall blank canvases into unbelievable works of art as part of a spontaneous competition called Take It Easel, an initiative of Toe Jam Productions. Two works were painted live on the night, and all artworks were on display for revelers to ogle and appreciate.

Who is going to win the competition and the grand prize that comes with it? That's up to you. Check out the artworks below, listed by artist, and vote for your favorite.

You can only vote once, and voting closes next Friday December 16.

UPDATE: The winner is John Bambino!

1. Optimo + Ryan Smith

2. John Bambino

3. Per One FX Crew

4. Claudia Bianca & Freaky

5. Muckrock

6. Heironymos & Corey

7. Jona

8. Marte

9. Kazilla + Effrain

10. Ozy & Zone

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