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Yerbamala Designs will take your plant game to the next level

By Janel Allen

Yanira Lopez and Alexis Oliva of Yerbamala Designs began making macramé plant hangers to make room for their pretty extensive home plant collection. You see, Yanira’s grandmother was a curandera (herbalist) so knowledge and a love for plants are pretty much genetic. Finding space to put all her green friends, on the other hand, was a bit more challenging. But they found a gorgeous solution in their modern, fiber-art home pieces that have been selling like wild around town.

In 2015, after making these pieces for their own home and honing their technique, Oliva and Lopez took the leap and started selling their products at local events like the Miami Flea. They haven’t looked back since. Now, in addition to local markets, you can find their plant hangers at West Elm. The manufacturing all still happens in their home studio. The two draw inspiration from all parts of South Florida, but especially from their colorful hometown of Havana, Cuba.

All products use 100% high-quality recycled cotton made from recovered materials. They are dedicated to sticking to this model as they move toward their goal of partnering with commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels and more.

Be sure to keep Yerbamala Designs on your radar and get your hands on a complimentary door tassel with any purchase when you enter “SUPPORTLOCAL” in the purchasing comments.

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