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Miami Rain
Photograph: Shutterstock

You can thank Tropical Storm Emily for the massive amounts of rain we're about to get

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Last night, Tropical Depression No. 6 (a measly storm in the Gulf) became Tropical Storm Emily (a slightly less measly storm with a human name). The storm, currently hovering a tad northwest of Tampa, does not pose a direct threat to Miami at the moment.

It will, however, drop a whole bunch of rain on us today and tomorrow. As Emily crosses Central Florida today, she'll bring with her possible wind gusts up to 50mph and heavy rain. About eight inches is expected in the areas with the highest amounts of rain. As for us in South Florida, we'll probably get somewhere around two inches.  

It's a fitting close to a July that just didn't feel like giving us a break in terms of weather. In all likelihood, the month will close as the hottest July in Florida's history (or at least since we started keeping track of such things in 1895).

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