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Miami Astrology
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2024 will bring unpredictable chaos to Miami, according to astrology

The stars are aligning to rewrite the script of the Magic City. Here’s what the next year will look like, per our birth chart.

Valerie Mesa
Written by
Valerie Mesa

The start of every calendar year is enough to get you thinking: what do the stars have in store for me? To get that answer, you'd have to take a deep look at your birth chart (the exact position of the planets and stars at the day, time and location you were born) and analyze all the transits that will be taking place over the next 365 days. Then that got us thinking: what if Miami had a birth chart? Can we predict what the year ahead will bring? 

We tapped in Miami's own Valerie Mesa, astrologist, writer and meme-maker of the stars to help us navigate these exciting and tumultuous times ahead. To get an accurate reading, we consulted with History Miami to lock down the exact date, time and location that the City of Miami was created: July 28th, 1896 in Downtown Miami around 2pm, when 368 voters gathered in a pool hall to vote for the incorporation of our sunny town as a certified city within the United States of America. Here's what the stars have in store for Miami in 2024. 

To describe the past few years as merely transformative would be an understatement, but if you're a believer in astrology, brace yourself because this is only the beginning. You heard it here first, Miami: we are collectively in for a wild decade. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves—instead, let’s focus on making the best of 2024. Wondering what the stars have in store for us in 2024? Groundbreaking and wildly innovative, 2024 will be a year of growth, transformation and unpredictable chaos. Get ready to witness the dawn of new Miami era.

Miami is a Leo. Are you even surprised? 

If you’re skeptical of astrology… I dare say, the heat emanating off Miami’s birth chart is enough to make you a believer. Our Magic City was born on July 28, 1896, making it none other than a lively and charismatic Leo sun. (Are you even surprised?) Its meeting of incorporation took place at 2 p.m. EST, which confirms Miami’s exotic rising sign, Sagittarius. Also known as the ascendant — the zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at the chart holder’s time of birth — this can validate your persona as well as people’s first impression of you. But when referring to a location, the rising sign traits can describe the city’s personality and cultural presence. Sagittarius is often known for its FOMO, spontaneity, and endless wanderlust. Miami is, after all, a mecca for tourism. This fire sign is also notorious for its hedonism—it goes big, or it goes home. Sound familiar? Everything from Miami’s sun-kissed beaches and cultural diversity to its vibrant nightlife contributes to its flamboyant reputation.

Its mystical moon in Pisces is also no surprise, as this otherworldly water sign epitomizes the meaning of faith, prayer, and spirituality. There is something undeniably sacred about these waters—a heavenly portal to freedom for many of our Cuban relatives who had no choice but to navigate in the relentless pursuit of freedom. Miami’s Pisces moon can also explain the alluring rapture of its music scene. Governed by numinous Neptune, a planet associated with escapism, sensitivity, and creativity, it’s no wonder so many people from around the world can’t help but immerse themselves in our city’s musical culture and world-renowned events such as Ultra Music Festival. Did I make you a believer yet?

A period of revolution and evolution 

On top of being an election year, there are a number of astrological transits Miami natives should consider in 2024. Firstly, Pluto (the planet of death, rebirth, taboos, transformation, and all that’s hidden beneath the surface) will re-enter Aquarius on January 20 (for the first time since June 2023), where it will remain until it stations retrograde and re-enters Capricorn on September 1, 2024. Pluto will be back in Aquarius on November 19 for good, but if you’re wondering what makes this transit so pivotal, it last occurred in the late 18th century, which is referred to as the Age of the Revolution. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but between 2024 and 2043, drastic changes will occur at a global level, with the intention of there being more power (Pluto) to the people (Aquarius). 

Pluto in Aquarius will specifically activate Miami’s third house of communication, so we could start witnessing the beginning of this “revolution” in 2024. Whether in terms of social media or our city’s mobile networks, this could include new technological advancements that allow us to share information and connect with each other in a more innovative and efficient way. Granted, Plutonian energy can also be polarizing and stealthy, which makes me think about the future of Miami’s social networks. How much information is too much information? When is a candid post considered a violation of someone’s privacy? Also, when considering Aquarius’ humanitarian nature, the influence of Pluto could also unveil the darker aspects and underlying issues that surround our communities and neighborhoods, perhaps those that require more of our attention and cooperation.

Pluto in Aquarius could also trigger intense discussions and debates within our community, perhaps regarding themes of technology, freedom, and welfare. The future of education in Miami is also bound to transform, and in more ways than we can imagine. With Pluto transiting Miami’s third house of early education and learning, 2024 could be the beginning of a progressive shift toward more technology-driven methods of schooling, potentially reshaping the city’s educational landscape. This astrological house can also speak about our modes of transportation, so transformative new developments in our local transport are also likely, specifically those that integrate eco-friendly transit solutions and more charging stations for electric cars.

Eclipses triggering a focus on art and entertainment

When considering the eclipses of 2024 — happening on March 25, April 8, September 17, and October 2 — these astrological events are known for ushering in life-altering changes that could take place now and within the next few years. For instance, April’s solar eclipse in Aries will charge up Miami’s fifth house of art, children, entertainment, expression, and leisure. In addition to being a symbol of autonomy and individuality, Aries can also represent competitive sports. IDK about you, but this instantly made me think of the World Cup in 2026, as it is happening right here in our own backyard! Otherwise, this could herald a vibrant period for Miami’s art scene, including the emergence of new artistic movements and cultural events. Something else that could come of this is the support and recognition of our city’s local artists.

I believe Miami’s entertainment sectors could also experience transformative changes, leading to new trends in our city’s nightlife, musical venues, and recreational activities. Given that the fifth house can also speak about children, there could be a greater focus on youth programs, children’s education, or initiatives that are specifically created to support the younger generation. I will say, if you’re a Miami native, your idea of fun will probably change by the end of 2024. It’s also important to note that the South Node of Destiny — what we are collectively releasing and called to leave in the past — is currently transiting Miami’s 11th house of social consciousness. This could result in there being a significant shift in our social dynamics and community structures, as we could begin to steer away from old patterns and traditions lacking equality and justice.

Healthcare and work life continue to evolve 

If we consider how this transit could influence Miami’s corporate world in 2024, this could potentially highlight the need to create a balance between our individual needs and what requires a more collaborative approach. Leadership roles are no exception, as there could be a change in how hierarchies and traditional roles are perceived within companies and organizations, specifically those lacking inclusivity. Last but certainly not least, an electric Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will ignite Miami’s sixth house of health, service, and daily routines on April 20. While Jupiter expands and magnifies, Uranus triggers unexpected changes. This could indicate a period of immense growth and technological breakthroughs in our healthcare system, if not a newfound approach to public health in Miami. 

The sixth house can also represent the day-to-day workplace in astrology, which can also suggest the possibility of there being radical changes and shifts in the workforce. This could lead toward being in favor of more flexible work arrangements and the availability of more remote work, if not technological integrations. This could also bring surprising developments in service industries, some of which include futuristic business models. 

As we stand on the precipice of these celestial events, it's clear that 2024 is not just another year for Miami. It's a year brimming with potential, poised to redefine our city in ways we might have never imagined. This year’s astrology beckons us to embrace change in our cultural and creative spheres, encouraging us to view the world through a brand-new lens. And as we navigate these shifts, we're reminded that the cosmos doesn't just predict our future; it invites us to co-create with it.

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