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David Beckham
Photograph: World Red Eye

David Beckham celebrated Miami’s MLS announcement at an Irish pub in Brickell

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Yesterday, after a four-year push-and-pull, the news finally became official: Miami is getting its very first Major League Soccer team. And one of the biggest (and most chiseled) faces we have to thank for that is none other than David Beckham, AKA Mr. Victoria Beckham to those unfamiliar with the sport of soccer. Beckham is the most visible face of a group of owners that include local Miami businessmen Jorge and José R. Mas, American Idol creator Simon Fuller and more. Yesterday’s confetti-heavy announcement marks the first tangible step in their effort to bring Major League Soccer to Miami.

Naturally, the newest owners of an MLS franchise decided to celebrate post-press conference at one of Miami’s essential soccer bars: Fado Irish Pub. Becks joined Miami’s official MLS fan club, the Southern Legion, for some beers, looking only slightly like a fish out of water in the Brickell-Bro headquarters.

Now—once the hangover settles—the new owners will turn their attention towards the construction of a new 25,000-seat soccer stadium, which will very possibly be built in Overtown, between Northwest Eighth and Sixth Streets. A team name will be decided in the coming months as well, with help and input from the people of Miami, which means we should all start making signs for the Pitbull Presents LIV’s Magic City Croquetas.

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