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Don’t have a Rolling Loud ticket? Here are the best after-parties

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Have you noticed a slight influx of rappers in town lately? Perhaps you’ve found yourself standing behind Lil Uzi Vert at the Publix sub line or being cut off in traffic by an unusual amount of Rolls-Royce Phantoms? Well, the reason for that is that Rolling Loud, a hip-hop festival stuffed full of every rapper in the universe, is happening this weekend at Hard Rock Stadium. Maybe you know this and, sadly, just didn’t have the budget to snag a weekend pass. Lucky for you, there is still ample opportunity to catch one of the headlining acts perform this weekend at an after-party.


Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti at Story
The new generation of hip-hop will be on full display when Uzi and Playboi Carti take over Story. Expect hype, rapid-fire sets from both while an endless stream of magnum bottle sparklers almost burn your eyebrows off. 11pm; $40–$10,000.

Lil Wayne at LIV
Weezy is absolutely no stranger to LIV, though we suspect he will have an ungodly amount of famous friends in tow this weekend. Somebody is going to end up on TMZ. 11pm; $90–$15,000.

A$AP Rocky at E11even
A$AP kicks off the first of E11even's Rolling Loud after-parties and, good lord, can you already feel your bank account crying? Please don’t try and keep up with the big boys when it comes to making it rain. 11pm; $30–$50.


Travis Scott at LIV
Crowd surfing and mosh pits have been known to form when Mr. Scott plays LIV, which he seems to do just about every time he’s in town. So, if you plan to wear that really nice pair of shoes, maybe hang back a bit from the stage? 11pm; $90–$15,000.

DJ Khaled and Metro Boomin at Story
Would it be a hip-hop weekend in Miami without Khaled? Despite some of his disappointing and regressive statements that have resurfaced lately, the man still knows how to get the crowd excited. So, hey, that’s something? Prepare to be screamed at! 11pm; $40–$10,000.

J. Cole at E11even
J. Cole has been smashing records and selling out arenas lately, coming off his very well-received new album KOD. He’ll no doubt showcase some tracks from the new record while dollar bills float gently down to earth around him. 11pm; $40–$60.


Wiz Khalifa at E11even
It’s best to start working on your lung capacity when Wiz Khalifa is in town. Whether or not you partake, you’ll probably want to bring your inhaler along. Things are going to get smoky. 11pm; $20–$30.

Post Malone at Story
Everyone’s favorite goofy, Bud Light chuggin’ crooner will take his trademark shit-eating grin to Story on the final day of Rolling Loud weekend. Will you still be standing? We’re rooting for you! 11pm; $40–$12,000.

Future at LIV
The famous LIV on Sunday party is going to be even bigger than usual this weekend. Future will headline, but just about everyone with a “Lil” in front of their name will be there. This one might be tough to get into unless your name is Future and you are a rapper. 11pm; $TBA.

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