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Photograph: Unsplash/Andrew Neel

Four Miami lifestyle gurus tell us how to get ready for the New Year

Written by
Andrea Carneiro

With the New Year comes new beginnings—or something like that? Most of us would love to get it together in 2018, but even the most motivated soul searcher will tell you that self-transformation is daunting. To help ease the transition to becoming a fully actualized person (or whatever better version of you the next year holds), we’ve recruited four of Miami’s top lifestyle experts with experience in personal development to talk about energy, closets, career and, yes, self.

Scott Singer

The secret behind many Miami movers and shakers, Singer brings years of experience in corporate recruiting to ambitious upstarts across South Florida. Turn to Singer (and his blog!) to learn how to spruce up your LinkedIn profile and revamp your résumé as well as strategies for job-search success.

Transform your career: “Ensure that your résumé clearly demonstrates a continued history of accomplishments. Be prepared with tangible, strategic examples of how you’ve demonstrated professional success, measurably improved the overall profitability of your employer and elevated the performance of those around you through coaching and mentoring.”

Annie Vazquez

Though she’s mostly known for her popular style blog, the Fashion Poet, Vazquez’s spiritual side is what’s drawing Miamians to her latest venture, Annie the Alchemist. In addition to sharing her finds—from Miami-made candles and crystals to sage and affirmation cards—Vazquez offers chakra balancing in individual and group sessions to help clients unblock energy zones and push past obstacles.

Transform your energy: “Start a morning wellness routine that sets the tone for your day. Then buy yourself a journal and write in it daily, whether it’s personal gratitude, notes or goals. Writing gives clarity to the things on our mind and in our heart. It helps us stay positive and attract good things into our lives.”

Photograph: Danielle Margherite

Brandon Fogel

Behind every well-dressed Miami man is Fogel. Often at the suggestion of a wife or girlfriend, Fogel’s clients hire him to whip their style into shape. The stylist and his team have gained a reputation for purging and editing closets, then styling for the man who wants to take his fashion to another level.

Transform your closet: “We have to be honest with ourselves. Have you worn this in the last six months or just wanted to?”

Nikki Novo

Your guide on the journey to self-discovery, Novo holds monthly “Centered” classes aimed at getting you closer to your own soul’s purpose. She guides you through meditating, manifesting and instituting a daily spiritual practice. If you can’t make the physical class in Coral Gables, Novo streams it live to her private Facebook group, where she makes Q&As, expert workshops, notes and meditations available to all.

Transform your outlook: “In 2017, many of us decided what we didn’t want in our lives anymore. This year is going to be about implementing new, positive thought patterns and beliefs that really serve us and get us to where we want to be. This is how we’re going to experience real change—by being diligent about how we think and the influences we allow into our lives.” 

Photograph: Giselle Macias

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