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Frank Ocean
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Andy Holmes

Frank Ocean was spotted Art Basel-ing and people are losing it

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Spotting celebrities during Art Basel is like finding candy on Halloween. It’s not exactly the most difficult thing to do. However, spotting Frank Ocean anywhere—at anytime—is like finding a unicorn from heaven who can sing like 1,000,000 pounds of magical sunlight. In other words: it is a rare and beautiful thing. There are more folks devoted to spotting and cataloging Frank’s every move than there are scientists currently studying endangered whales.

So, the fact that Ocean has been spotted getting his Basel on is sure to induce a few dozen freak-outs.

Yesterday Frank stopped by DesignMiami/ and Art Miami (free La Croix in hand) and was snapped on Instagram. His whereabouts today are unknown but—wherever that beautiful soul may be—we’re sure it’s warm and smells like lavender and creativity.

So keep an extra eye out for Mr. Ocean this week. And if you hear about a surprise performance and don’t tell us, we will pursue legal action.

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